Where is the source of air pollution inside a car?

Category:Automobile maintain - Date:2018-04-07

the peculiar smell in the vehicle is most obvious in spring and summer. Compared with spring, the smell of summer is more diversified. This includes both the dampness of the air conditioning system after rain and the spoiled food residue which is carelessly scattered in the dead corner of the vehicle, or even on the vehicle. Car perfume will produce all kinds of odors under the influence of hot weather. So what is the reason for it?

Source 1: the inside parts and the car itself

Now the production line is directly into the market, and the harmful gases of all kinds of accessories and materials have not been released; it will directly cause the air pollution in the car. At the same time, interior decoration materials will also bring air pollution. Most consumers buy cars after car decoration, and ground glue, seat cushion, adhesives, etc. will release formaldehyde, benzene, TVOC and other harmful gases, which will inevitably cause air pollution in the car.

Source two: air conditioning is dampened

the rain in summer is always urgent and intense. After a heavy rain, there is always an unpleasant smell in the car. This is because condensate water is attached to the surface of the evaporator on the surface of the air. The moist and dark corners of the air conditioning system become a breeding ground for mold multiplication. As time goes on, as long as the air conditioner is turned on, there will be a steady stream of mildew. For the owners who do not pay much attention to the air conditioning system, they usually use 1~2 years, in the summer, in the car, and after opening the air conditioning, it is more likely to have a bad smell of sour. Therefore, if we want to avoid the peculiar smell of the air-conditioner, we must start with preventing the air conditioning system from dampness. In addition, under the conditions of permit, often open the window ventilation, or in a better environmental air route using external circulation, is also an effective way to maintain the fresh air in the car.

Source three: Dead rot

In summer, some acidic foods are especially short, so the fruit peel and desserts are easily rotted and mouldy in the corner of the car except for the air conditioner itself. Children, clothes that have been forgotten after using them, and so forth, will send out unpleasant odors. When the air conditioner is turned on, these peculiar smell will circulate and circulate with the airflow in the compartment, looking for new places for mold growth.

Source four: perfume

many car owners like to put perfume in the car, good quality perfume, lasting fragrance and killing bacteria. But if the price is cheap, the product of low price is chosen, in the car with high temperature in summer, after direct sunlight, it is easy to deteriorate and produce strange smell, and it is not healthy to the passengers on the car. If the smell of perfume in the car is too strong, it will mix with musty flavor to produce a more unpleasant smell. Lemon flavor perfume, especially not suitable for use in the summer, most of this kind of perfume is acidic, after emanating out in the air conditioning evaporator, easily mouldy and metamorphic, very easy to produce odor.

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