Car maintenance watch mileage or time 70% see kilometers

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Ms. Zhao, who had just changed her car last year, has been receiving frequent calls these days.4S store The phone, remind her that she should be in maintenance. Ms. Zhao checked the number of kilometers of the new car. After the first insurance, it only opened more than 2000 kilometers, and it was not yet 5000 kilometers for maintenance. Ms. Zhao asked questions. The service commissioner at 4S shop explained that the maintenance took 3 months or 5000 kilometers to arrive first.

7 become a car owner to see the maintenance of the kilometer number

in fact, most car owners have encountered similar entanglements. Mr. Zou, the owner of the car, looked at the instructions and found that the new car was written in the instructions of 8000 kilometers or 6 months, but the 4S store gave him a 5000 kilometer maintenance. He said: “ now 4S shop sells new cars not to make money, so customers are expected to take care of it in a short time, and can't wait for 1000 kilometers to maintain. ” therefore, he has been doing maintenance in accordance with the mileage of 8000 kilometers. He did not think the car was so delicate as the dealer said.

for this reason, the reporter commissioned 4S shop to conduct a small survey of some car owners. The results showed that 7 of the owners were maintained according to mileage. But the service manager of 4S shop suggests that the time and kilometres should be followed first to perform maintenance.

Train less recommended for half a year maintenance

the current market maintenance rules have 2-3 contrast standards, such as mileage, maintenance intervals and engine working hours, and the general car business requires which to come first. But if you use less cars at ordinary times? The reporter consulted many experts and insiders, they all said that the vehicle was used less, then at least half a year to maintain once.

“ the maintenance cycle established by the manufacturer is based on the quality of the oil and parts used. ” wan you Car service manager Wu Kuizhong said, for example, oil. Volvo the use of high-grade synthetic oil can be maintained for 10 thousand km or a year. However, some brands may use mineral oil or semisynthetic oil, and the maintenance cycle should be shortened accordingly.

Professor Yao, an associate professor of a car maintenance teaching and research department, said that if a car friend is not allowed to eat, it can be maintained for half a year, because this time does not deteriorate to any oil.

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