The first maintenance of new car is very important - detailed maintenance of vehicle at all stages

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The maintenance of new car has its periodic inspection and maintenance process, especially the first maintenance in the running in period is particularly important. Here is the following to explain the maintenance of each phase of the car.

first maintenance is particularly important

The first maintenance of the car is called the maintenance or the maintenance. The number of kilometers in accordance with the different models of the car varies from 3000 kilometers to 5000 kilometers, and the 1500 kilometer within this kilometer is a prudent period, which is the most important in the maintenance. In the prudent period, the first thing to be noticed is that the load of the vehicle is not too high. Even if it is not full to ride in the car industry of 5 people, the one or two people running around the car are the best in this period. In the choice of roads, do not start with more complex roads, such as the truth of the potholes, the unusually crowded road (the vehicle's walking and stopping is very bad for the running in), and the smooth road, so that the vehicle is in a smooth running state. Then it's the speed problem, and many people know that the speed of the running is not too fast, which is correct, but the experienced people know that running at high speed from time to time is helpful, because not only the engine, the transmission, the four wheel mechanical system, and the tires need to continue to warm up at a certain speed. Let &ldquo between each other; communicate ” achieve the best results.

After the prudent period, it is not necessary to change the oil in time, but it is very good for the engine to replace a high quality oil during the period of prudence.

After a cautious period, the speed of the car can be properly improved, but it is better not to exceed 120 km / h, and the road can be a little rough, but still need to be careful. No matter it is 3000 kilometers or 5000 kilometers of the running in, do not go to the head to do maintenance, a little ahead of time, change the change, and then check the whole car, such a reasonable first maintenance after the completion of the vehicle's future help is very big.

The increase in the content of the two maintenance and lubrication

The second maintenance kilometers of the car is about 12000 kilometers. Here is mainly about the lubricating oil. Many owners pay attention to the engine lubricating oil, but there are other places that have been ignored. During the two maintenance period, it is best to replace the transmission oil, the steering gear power oil and the reducer oil. In the mechanical aspects in addition to the engine, such as the chassis part of a large check, especially the brake system, the replacement must be replaced in a timely manner, so as not to bring security risks.

In addition to two maintenance, there are three and many vehicle maintenance in the future, and the regular maintenance of some fixed parts, such as the replacement of the timing gear belt and the replacement of the brake shoe, is very important.

Internal maintenance of car paint

this is something that many owners are happy to do. Now the appearance of the new car is getting better and better, but the worsening environment is also harmful to it, so the car paint must not be careless, such as our clothes, dirty to clean the same, long time do not wash, the corrosion of the fabric for two times when you wash a rub rotten. In addition to regular cleaning and protection of the car's lacquer surface, this is the waxing and more advanced glazing treatment. It is necessary to pay attention to doing these maintenance to the regular beauty shop.

the inner hall is as important as it is, but it has been relatively simple. The owner can basically finish the car in addition to vacuuming inside the car. Go to the car beauty shop to buy some leather and plastic cleaning maintenance agents, and take care of the car's interior space when it is all right, and it can extend the service life of the car interior, and recently a new interior maintenance project - bacteria removal, many harmful bacteria to the human body will appear in the car, which is in the closed space for a long time. It's also crucial to get rid of it.

Car maintenance net point of view: the car is for our body service, is the extension of our feet, so we should treat it like the body, or when you most need it to a “ ill rest ” that may miss your major events. Moreover, the high-speed mobile car must be kept in good condition at any time so as to protect our driving safety at any time.

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