Car owners see: air conditioning maintenance is also the top priority

Category:Automobile maintain - Date:2018-04-07

Winter Car the utilization ratio of air conditioner is high. It is particularly important to maintain air conditioning at this time.

how to clean up and replace the air conditioner filter: its main function is to filter the air inside the carriage from the outside, and to keep the tiny particles, pollen, bacteria and dust in the air inside the filter. A long time needs to be cleaned up.

first find the location of the air conditioner filter and open the lid to see the air conditioning filter inside it. If it's not too dirty, you can blow out the dirt and put it back. If it's dirty, replace it directly.

Inside of clean air conditioning: long term use of air conditioning, a lot of dust and even bacteria in the pipe of the air conditioning, and serious problems such as small air volume. You can buy a special car air conditioner cleaner for internal cleaning.

first start the car, turn on the air conditioner, and set it into an internal loop mode. Use a wet towel to block the outlet of the air conditioner, and open the wind to the maximum. Dust is absorbed on the wet towel, and the moisture that may still exist is blown out.

Next to see what kind of air conditioner you buy: because of the various types of air conditioner cleaners, you need to use the instructions according to the instructions to use the misunderstanding.

1, shut off after the shutdown of the air conditioning: the evaporation box will cause wet mold in the air conditioning in a large number of reproduction, easy to cause air conditioning odor, the air in the car turbid, the body of the owner of a certain harm. So, turn off the air conditioning before flameout.

2, long time open cycle: because the internal circulation is the circulation of air in the enclosed space in the car, the oxygen content in the car will continue to decrease, and if the combustion of gasoline in the cylinder is not complete, the unburned carbon monoxide of the engine may leak into the car, which is harmful to the human body. Therefore, the internal and external circulation should be used alternately.

3, air conditioning performance is not good when cleaning air conditioning: irregular cleaning air conditioning is easy to grow bacteria, so that the air conditioning mold.

4, some seasons do not need to open air conditioning: the internal parts of the air conditioning also have lubricating oil, if the long term does not open the air conditioning will become dry, and the rubber ring is also easy to age. Therefore, the regular opening of the air conditioner allows all parts to be lubricated and maintained in good condition.

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