In summer, we need to see the tire pressure frequently

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last week, the owner of the car worried that although most owners pointed the source of trouble to the sun, the most important thing to worry about is temperature. The high temperature in summer makes owners and cars hurt, but also brings a lot of trouble. Most of these troubles are concentrated on tires, air conditioning, self ignition, comfort and so on. Let's take a look at the tires that are most closely related to safety.

It is the key to check the pressure of the fetus

last week, the owners worried that many owners were worried that their vehicles might have a flat tire due to too hot weather. In fact, nearly half of the accidents in summer, especially on expressways, are caused by tire failures.

Zhang Guoan of the auto parts world pointed out that the reason for the normal tire blowout is insufficient or too high tire pressure. If the tire pressure is insufficient, the tire sidewall will be bent and broken. If inflated before the road, due to the wear and dust of the valve, the tire will leak and the tire pressure inside the tire will be too low. The tire pressure is too high to cause the tire defects to burst, which is more common in hot summer weather or long time driving.

check the tire pressure before driving. This is “ &rdquo is the most common method. Two the inflating pressure of the front wheel and the two rear wheel should be the same. Otherwise, the uneven tire pressure will cause tyres. In summer, the air pressure can not be too high, especially on the highway. The pressure of each tire should be at the normal value of 85%~90%, because the car's long and high speed travel, the heat from the tire friction will not increase the air pressure in the tire. Tire temperature increases, wear increases, easily cause tire burst, causing the tragedy of car crash.

Zhang Guoan also reminded that tyres should be cooled in time in summer. If the car has been running on the highway for an hour, it is time to slow down the car and cool the tyre itself. Remember not to use cold water to pour tyres or deflate, so that the brake hub and hub are prone to cracks. If the tire temperature decreases after deflation, there will be insufficient air pressure. Zhang Guoan also suggested that the conditional car owners try to use aluminum alloy wheels as much as possible. Although it is expensive, the advantage is very obvious in the summer, the cooling is fast and the weight is small. It has been proved that if a car has changed the aluminum alloy hub, it is no problem to save a good tire for the owner for one year.

When selecting the right tires, Zhang Guoan said that the owner of the car should pay attention to the pattern of the tire, and the pattern on the car tire, in addition to the beautiful effect, has a great influence on the performance of the tire. Cars that often travel in the city should choose those smaller tyres with low noise performance. And cars that need cross-country and long-distance running can choose large patterns. Like Bridgestone, Michelin, and Pirelli, these big brands have their own product features. The owners can choose according to their own requirements. If you are not satisfied with the control of the vehicle, you can consider changing the flat tire that is lower than the lower. For many models, one of the most effective ways to improve the vehicle's exterior and control performance is one of the most effective methods. It is to replace a flat tire with a low flat ratio.

Wei Jian also believes that in summer, it is necessary to choose a tyre with a hard and good drainage performance in summer, such as an asymmetric pattern or a tires with a water guide, and a tire with good drainage performance will provide more grip in rainy days to ensure safe driving.

Zhang Guoan also suggests that the owner of the car is best to fill the tire with nitrogen in summer because of the stability of the inert gas, which will not inflate excessive heat in spite of the heat at high temperature, thus avoiding the blowout. The cost of filling a car with nitrogen is not high enough. Dozens of yuan to one hundred or two hundred yuan can be done.

It's important to learn some common sense

Cheng Yanhui emphasized that it is necessary to make routine checks for tyres of cars. Every tire should be carefully carried out for &ldquo and &rdquo. If the tire is worn only on both sides to indicate the lack of long term tire pressure, if only the middle part is worn out and the long tire pressure is too high, the tire pressure should be measured at least once a month and the tire pressure is kept at the standard value; if the wear is not balanced in the East, the tire is unbalance or the steel ring is deformed, and the tire should be made flat. Balance, front wheel positioning or replacement of a deformed steel ring; if only one side is worn and the tire side inclination is disaligned, the front wheel should be positioned to correct the obliquity. If the tire has a bulge, the inner layer of the tire may have air, no matter the tyre is new and old, there is a thin crack on the tire tread. Rubber showing tyre has started aging and should be replaced.

The owner of the car should also choose the corresponding speed grade and the qualified tire according to the different speed of the car. At the same time, we should check the date of the production of the tire, and replace it in time if the time limit is beyond the use. Tire rubber should be a high temperature resistant and friction resistant butyl rubber or a non explosion bladder with good explosion-proof properties. If the tread is damaged, it should be replaced as soon as possible. When you pull over, you should be as careful as possible to avoid rubbing or even bumping against the roadside. Otherwise, it is easy to cause the sidewall injury of the tire to cause a hidden danger, and more serious will cause the internal steel wire to break or the steel ring to deform.

Wei Jianze believes that in the summer, we should choose those tyres with good handling and safety. Short braking distance, strong ground force of dry wetland, good drainage, high level of carcass, durable and durable, suitable for Chinese road conditions, consumers should choose among the big brands such as Pirelli, Michelin, Bridgestone and so on. As for maintenance, he said, judging the tread wear of a tire, it is possible to see the tread indication mark. It is pressed at the bottom of the tread groove and the width of the tire is 13mm. When the tire is worn to the wear indicator, the tread depth is 1.6mm, then the tire should be replaced, otherwise the tire will skid. It is dangerous to drive.

Do not panic if there is a blowout at high speed. Keep calm as far as possible. Do not rush the steering wheel or emergency brake. Hold the steering wheel tightly in both hands, slow down the brake, make the speed of the car down evenly, and then replace the spare tire after stopping.

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