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after summer, the traffic accidents caused by tire blowout increased significantly under the double pressure of land surface temperature and weather. According to statistics, 70% of the traffic accidents on the highway in China are caused by the blowout, and 75% of all the causes of the blowout are caused by the lack of fetal pressure. Therefore, it is of great practical significance to understand the tire pressure in advance and take effective precautions in time when the tire pressure is abnormal. As a result, the TPMS tire pressure monitoring system came into being.

The TPMS tire pressure monitoring system, which aims to carry out full time monitoring and abnormal early warning of vehicle tire pressure, is different from the safety belt, airbag and other passive safety equipment that can protect the safety of human body after the accident. It can early warn the abnormal condition of fetal pressure and eliminate it in the bud. With it, the driver does not need to get out of the car to inspect the car, and can know the inside condition of the tire at any time, so as to ensure the safety of driving.

in addition to preventing the abnormal fetal pressure, the abnormal phenomenon and the occurrence of such extreme conditions, the TPMS tire pressure monitoring system has the role of prolonging the service life of the tire, reducing the wear and tear of the suspension system and effectively avoiding the increase of oil consumption. According to data, tire life will be reduced by 15% when tire pressure is 10% lower than normal value when tire pressure is insufficient. When the tire pressure is too high, the contact area between the tire and the ground will decrease, the pressure on the tyre will be increased, and the grip will also be affected. With the TPMS tire pressure monitoring system, the driver can keep the tire within the specified pressure range at any time, thereby reducing the damage of the tire and prolonging the service life of the tire.

In addition, the driving of the vehicle in the condition of high tire pressure can also reduce the damping effect of the tire itself and increase the burden of the vehicle damping system. In the long run, the engine chassis and suspension system will cause damage; the uneven tire pressure is easy to cause the brake deviation and also increases the wear of the suspension system. TPMS tire pressure monitoring can monitor any tire at any time. It prevents the above phenomena and reduces the wear of suspension system.

in fact, as early as 2003, the United States began to take the lead. Car Force the TPMS tire pressure monitoring system. At present, in European and American markets, the TPMS tire pressure monitoring system has become the standard configuration of the new car. Together with air bag and ABS anti lock brake system, it is considered as one of the three major safety systems of the car. For China's market, due to cost constraints, TPMS tire pressure monitoring system only appears. Mercedes Benz BMW Passat Some middle and high levels Vehicle model Although the relevant mandatory provisions have not yet been issued, the application and popularization of TPMS tire pressure monitoring has become the consensus of the industry.

with the improvement of the safety awareness of the Chinese people, the majority of domestic consumers emphasize the cost performance of vehicles while the voice of active and passive safety allocation is also higher. Some of the economic vehicles on the market are also beginning to be equipped with TPMS tire pressure monitoring system. Tianjin FAW this is the forerunner of leading the safety configuration trend in the domestic car market. along with Weizhi V5 Charlie N7 The successive listing of heavy weight models, Tianjin FAW the popularity of TPMS tire pressure monitoring system in the field of economic cars has been unfolded. And the BOS brake power system, ISO-FIX international standard child safety seat interface and other advanced security configuration, so that the Tianjin FAW products of the main passive safety performance on the new steps, for the economic car field set up a new safety benchmarking. It can be seen that the application of safety configuration, such as TPMS tire pressure monitoring technology, not only conforms to the development trend of the domestic market, but also brings ideal for the consumers who pay attention to the safety performance. Buying a car A new choice.

At present, the compulsory national standard of TPMS in China has entered the stage of deepening the demonstration. The formulation of this standard will play a strong role in promoting the development of the standard and guiding the development of TPMS tire pressure monitoring technology. It is foreseeable that in the near future, TPMS tire pressure monitoring technology will usher in the spring of development and popularization.

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