Tailoring for different cars and changing seasons for different models

Category:Automobile maintain - Date:2018-04-07

the weather is cool. In order to cope with the impact of temperature drop on the car, such as cold car is not easy to start, water temperature is low, maintenance is very necessary. However, each vehicle owner's vehicle condition is different. Some new cars and year-round overloaded vehicles, there will be some differences in the emphasis and cost of seasonal maintenance. We aim at the 4 kinds of vehicle conditions common to the owners, and develop a maintenance plan for autumn and winter seasons for different types of cars.

New car is still in quality POLO

Periodic inspection can be overwintered

vehicle condition: at the beginning of 2007, the mileage was less than 30 thousand km, and the vehicle condition was very good in all aspects, and the vehicle was still in warranty period.

Suggestion project: all aspects of this kind of car are in good condition. As long as we regularly go to the 4S shop to maintain and replace the oil three filters, check the antifreeze liquid and other oil level, there is no problem for safe winter. However, the following maintenance of the new car can not be ignored:

1. replacing air filter core, air conditioning filter core

after summer and autumn, the paper cotton of filter element is easy to mould and produce bacteria. It is suggested to change before winter comes.

2. replacement of glass water and wiper

the glass water should be replaced below zero degree Celsius. In winter, the aged rubber wiper blade will become stiff, so it should be replaced in time to ensure safety.

the approximate cost: POLO strong replacement oil filter 260 yuan, oil filter 620 yuan, glass water 20 yuan, rain scraper 109 yuan.

public and private use of excessive “ labor ” type accord 2.4L

The mechanical strain should be examined carefully.

Vehicle status: the 2004 purchase of the accord 2.4, the current driving mileage more than 160 thousand kilometers, usually business on the business and home use it, is used more ruthlessly, but regularly to 4S shop maintenance, vehicles did not have a major collision.

recommended project: this type of car, usually used more frequently, driving mileage longer, in the change of season should focus on the mechanical parts of these cars, vulnerable parts check. Because of the long-term use of mechanical components caused by aging, autumn and winter in the changing season, the weather turn cool, the temperature will also lead to mechanical parts lubrication decline, so the owner to the 4S store maintenance should prompt the receptionist to check the following aspects: 1. engine system, electrical system inspection; 2. cooling system, chassis system inspection; 3. storage Battery, tire and lighting inspection; 4. chassis inspection.

General cost: general inspection, not related to replacement parts, 4S stores do not charge, generally easier replacement parts, general prices: air conditioning filter core reference price of 141 yuan, front and back brake 709/392 yuan, battery 498 yuan.

family car often “ unemployed ” type BMW 5 series.

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