Audi new A6L owners need to pay attention to 2.4 engine failures

Category:Repair technology - Date:2018-04-07

Audi new A6L small reform in the end of 08 formally launched, its fashionable avant-garde body modeling and spacious internal space, deeply sought by government officials and business people. In the past 2009, Audi's new A6L was dominated by the sales of 106025 units, ranking the same pole of the competition. However, while Audi's new A6L has been selling rapidly, the quality of its 2.4 displacement vehicle has been flawed.

the owner reflects the new A6L 2.4 engine cylinder scuffing.

Audi new A6L 2.4 car owners generally reflect, in the daily driving engine cabin engine occurrence abnormal noise, driving in the way to accelerate the weakness, engine quenching after the engine can not restart or exhaust pipe smoke serious phenomenon, to the 4S store inspection, confirmed as engine cylinder.

Audi new A6L 2.4 owners said that after the car was diagnosed as a cylinder, 4S shop suggested that the owner change the engine assembly. During the warranty period, Audi new A6L 2.4 malfunction vehicle can replace the engine assembly free of charge. However, the 4S shop needs a longer period of time to deliver the goods from the manufacturer to the manufacturer, resulting in the failure of the vehicle to be repaired for a short time.

according to 4S shop personnel, Audi new A6L 2.4 car cylinder failure has not identified the reason, but the warranty period of the model can be free of claim. And the model for the quality of the model can only replace the power assembly at its own expense, the current Audi A6L 2.4 engine assembly of the accessories price is about 127 thousand yuan, the labor time fee is about 10 thousand yuan.

To sum up, this kind of fault is not accidental. In order to avoid unnecessary trouble, the owner friends of the new A6L 2.4 model of Audi must go to the 4S shop to check and repair in time, so as to eliminate the failure and reduce the loss.

Noun interpretation: engine cylinder

cylinder drawing is one of the common faults of automobile engines. The so-called “ the cylinder ” the cylinder inner wall is pulled into a deep groove, the piston, the piston ring and the cylinder wall friction pairs lose the sealing, which leads to the reduction of the cylinder compression pressure and the loss of the power; the pressure of the crankcase increases with the combustible mixture gas channeling, and the crankcase explosion will be caused when the cylinder is serious; the lubricating oil is channelling into the cylinder. The phenomenon of burning oil occurs; the exhaust pipe is smoky; the engine noise is abnormal; the engine can not work properly or even stall. The main reason for the failure of automobile engine cylinder is:

1 and engine cooling system cause engine overheating due to leakage and lack of water.

2, the piston ring is broken and the cylinder wall is scraped.

3 and piston pin snap off and scrape the cylinder wall.

4 and piston rings lose their sealing function due to carbon deposition stuck in the ring groove.

5, piston pin out, scraping the cylinder wall;

6, entering the foreign body in the cylinder;

the gap between the piston and the cylinder wall is too small for.7.

8 and piston pin assembly are too tight, causing piston deformation.

9 or piston are seriously deformed or burned.

10, engine for a long time running at high speed or over load.

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