If you love your car, it may be a big health problem

Category:Repair technology - Date:2018-04-07

the increase of people's appetite is often a pleasant thing, but the &ldquo of the car, the amount of &rdquo, the increase is a worrying thing. A few days ago, Xiao Wang was annoyed by the rising fuel consumption of his car. I didn't know what the reason was. When I drove to 4S shop, I found out that the car was out of order. In fact, the &ldquo of the car, the amount of food &rdquo, suddenly increased, probably “ health ” there was a problem.

symptom 1: fuel consumption increases, no other symptoms.

The crux of the problem: the failure of the intake temperature sensor

[expert statement]: for a car, the intake temperature sensor is not a very large accessory, but its damage may directly cause the fuel consumption of the vehicle to increase. Master Huang Jinghui said: “ after this component has problems, there is no other obvious symptoms except fuel consumption. The car can be illuminated correctly. In this case, it is suggested that the owner go to the 4S shop for an electronic test. Generally speaking, the replacement cost of this component is not very high. ”

Symptom two: braking distance decreases.

The crux of the problem: the failure of the total brake pump is not good.

[experts say]: brake tight, fuel consumption will naturally increase. If this is the case, the owner needs to go to the 4S shop to check, please 4S professional technicians to adjust the general brake pump, if the situation is serious, the need to replace the brake general pump.

Symptom three: water temperature inductive plug always shows the state of low temperature.

The crux of the problem is that the water temperature induction stopper may be inaccurate

[expert statement]: the current car manufacturers are produced by the electric spray, that is to say, the control of the fuel injection system is electric, the water temperature induction plug is one of the components that need computer control, if the component has problems, the car always shows a low temperature state, then the injection system will always be in the &ldquo Strong ” spray state, resulting in a huge increase in fuel consumption, which requires car owners to 4S shop for testing and maintenance.

Symptom four: excessive emission of exhaust gas

The crux of the problem: oxygen sensor failure

[expert]: “ now, most of the family cars are equipped with oxygen sensors. ” master Huang Jinghui: “ the component is the test of exhaust emissions, if the component fails, when the computer signals, the signal is not shown, resulting in excessive fuel injection, making the car more fuel consumption. ”

Symptom five: engine speed increases faster but speed increases slowly.

The crux of the clutch: clutch skidding

[experts]: &ldquo, which is easier to find for old drivers. ” master Huang Jinghui said, "&ldquo", when driving time, it can be felt, for example, when the number of cars is 4000 / min, the car can open up to 120 km / h, but now it can only reach 100 km / h, which may be because the clutch is skidding and the number of engines is lost and needs to be replaced. Clutch disc, clutch pressure plate. ”

Oil saving tips: Aside from driving factors, in terms of automobile maintenance, regular maintenance plays a very important role in saving the car. It is like people regularly want to go to the hospital to do “ health check ” as well as to understand the health of the body, if the problem can also be solved. Remind consumers to pay attention to the regular maintenance of cars, to replace the spark plugs, air filters and other vulnerable parts on time.

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