Love car high-tech beauty computer patch / micro sheet metal analysis

Category:Automobile cosmetology - Date:2018-04-06

with the increasing sales of domestic passenger cars, there are huge business opportunities in the automotive aftermarket. Automotive aftermarket, car beauty, car audio and fast repair and other post market are getting more and more attention from automobile consumers. Then, in the process of gradual development of the domestic automobile aftermarket, we need to learn from the mature experience of foreign automobile aftermarket. Let's learn about cash technology in overseas automotive aftermarket through BG (China) inviting the whole process of computer membrane and micro sheet metal in the US.

1, what is micro sheet metal technology?

The repair technology of micro sheet metal, also called no spray paint depression, is based on optical, physical and mechanical principles. Using the principle of lever, the vehicle is affected by a variety of reasons, and the size and depth of the body are different and deep. The premise is that the surface of the body is not damaged, the surface of the metal is not stretched, and the surface of the metal is not stretched. A process with a dead end and a top process.

2, computer film / roast film

Through numerical control machine tools, the automobile film will cut the preset size once, and finish the baking film in advance, avoid the mistake of artificial cutting when the film is sticker, and grill the windshield glass of the car.

the DC membrane making plant in the United States, though small, is highly efficient and widely used in machinery and computer control. In the dust free and constant temperature environment, computer cutting and cutting are carried out.

unlike in China, the entire automobile film is formed by computer tailoring. By computer control, the front windshield, window and rear full film of different sizes can be tailored separately.

after the whole film is cut by computer, the baking film will be made according to different models. In the process of production, the process of baking film is added to save the steps of the film when the film is sticker, and the consumer is no longer afraid that the glass in the car is grilled when the film is sticker.

the explosion-proof film on the front part of the car hood is also made by computer tailoring. The film is not transparent because the film is transparent. The front part of the front part of the car can effectively prevent the damage caused by high speed running sand and gravel to the paint.

some owners may ask, is automotive windshield film really useful? Through the distance between the hand and the lamp, you can see the difference between the film and the film.

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