Winter car static electricity provoke people to disturb their DIY to eliminate

Category:Automobile maintain - Date:2018-04-06

When a lot of drivers get in contact with the car again after getting off the car, they are often electrostatically powered by their own car. Is there any way to avoid the electricity and to avoid the electricity?

The source of static electricity: the material of different driving seat and the cloth worn by driving will produce static electricity after the friction of driving process. If the static electricity is not neutralized properly, or the way to find the way back to the earth, static electricity will be produced!

The cause of electric shock: when the driver is in contact with the vehicle, the electrostatic potential difference between the body and the vehicle will be discharged by the body at the moment of contact, and the contact point of the discharge is usually the finger, and the static electricity of the body will flow back to the earth through the driver's finger and let the finger touch the touch of the point of the body. Electric sensation, though not dangerous, always gives people a big jump.

how to avoid electric shock: the way to avoid the electric potential difference between the car and the earth is to avoid the electric potential difference between the car and the earth. The way is to turn on the door, hold the metal border and glass on the side of the door, and then step on the surface of the car, then move the body to the surface, and then move the body to the car, and finally hold the door. Let the hand open, and close the car door! This can let the body of static electricity through the foot to the ground, the body and the earth has no electrostatic potential difference, and when you want to drive, hand in any part of the car will not be again.

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