Introduction of treatment method for scratching depth of car scratches

Category:Body maintenance - Date:2018-04-06

driving on the road, it is inevitable that there will be some minor accidents. Car damage to appearance, such as scratching the car, and scratching the paint surface. These scratches will affect the appearance and corrosion of the paint and shorten the service life of the sheet metal. Today, the car beauty Xiaobian teaches you how to handle the deep scratches on the lacquer surface.

first, clean the damaged parts before deep scratches, then fill them carefully with the repair paint. In order to enhance the attachment effect, the damaged part can be lightly polished with very fine sandpaper. When the damage area is large, it can be repaired with spray paint. To avoid painting the body outside the scar, it can be blocked by cardboard. After finishing the paint, wash the treated parts with clean water, then polish the paint with very fine sandpaper, make it smooth, then wash it again and rub on the wax.

If the metal part of the scar is exposed and the wound is thoroughly cleaned before the paint is cleaned, a layer of antirust oxidizing neutralizer must be coated with a layer of oil before it is dried and then dried and grinding with water.

After the paint work should not be coated with a thick layer, it is not only time-consuming, but also difficult to control the effect of paint, easy to appear bubbles, uneven paint concentration. Therefore, each time should be coated with a thin layer, dry after each layer is polished until the paint layer around the wound leveling, and then polishing.

what are the causes of scratches on car body paints?

during the use of.1., because of friction, collision and other factors, inadvertently scratching the lacquer surface, causing the lacquer surface to have a deep and shallow scratch, if not treated in time, it not only affects the beauty of the car, but also causes the body anticorrosion and wear resistance to decrease, and then affects the service life of the car.

2. does not regulate the damage caused by car washing to paint. If the pressure of the water gun is too big when the vehicle is flushed, the cleaning procedure or the technique is incorrect, when the surface is attached with dust, wipes with a cloth or towel to make the surface of the car paint small scratches.

3. car repair spray paint because of various accidents, such as accidents, in the repair plant due to incorrect operation or improper selection of materials to make a lot of defects (orange peel wrinkles, loss of light, fog paint).

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