The senior technician explains for you the red light to hang the P gear is really false

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Car No P gear is strictly prohibited when red light is waiting. The maintenance time of the car does not listen4S store Listen to yourself? WeChat, micro-blog, these car related topics, can always arouse the attention of car lovers and crazy turn. Well, a post is a virtue. But, after the turn, did you believe it? Is there any reason for these statements? And listen to Qianjiang Evening News Auto Road, please ask a senior maintenance technician to interpret for you.

When a car is waiting for a red light

No P gear is strictly prohibited.

recently, when a red light was on the road, such as &ldquo and cars, it was strictly forbidden to hang up P &rdquo, and the posts went crazy in the circle of friends, hitting 20 thousand directly. The post reminds the car friend, automatic block Vehicle model when you wait for a red light on the road, you mustn't hang P gear — — if it is rear ended, the gearbox will be cracked or even rotten. Moreover, the damage of the gearbox may not happen immediately. If it is discovered afterwards, the owner's claim will be lost, and the loss will be very heavy.

Hangzhou Nissan Zhou Zhiyuan, a technical director of a 4S shop, affirmed this theory in theory. He explained the principle in detail from the working principle of the internal structure of the vehicle. The auto gear type, when the P gear is hung, is to hold the parking gear through a fixed steel claw, and complete the parking lock. In this case, the transmission part of the vehicle is locked, so if you want to pull the P gear, you can't push it if you want to push it. In this case, if the car is hit hard, it may cause the lock teeth to break, so it is not recommended to temporarily stop the P gear.

However, there are more than 20 years of experience in car repair Wide steam TOYOTA (micro-blog) Chen Rengang, director of workshop of a 4S shop in Hangzhou, thinks that the &ldquo is correct, but some exaggerated &rdquo. He thinks, “ if the rear end causes the gearbox to be rotten and the lock is broken, it needs to run directly against the speed of more than 60 yards, and the speed is not enough for the better quality car. I have been repairing the car for more than 20 years, and I have never encountered the gearbox damage caused by the rear end of the P block. ”

in spite of this, master Chen suggested that it is best to wait for a red light temporarily or to hang on to P gear. In fact, according to his observation, more people are not accustomed to shifting gears when waiting for the red light. They usually hang on the D block to step on the brake — — this is not very suitable. Because the D block is the forward gear, by stepping on the brake force to stop, like the urban road in Hangzhou so congested, long time to do this, easy to cause the wear and tear of brake disc and friction plate serious, even to the engine damage. Master Chen instructed: “ the most correct way of parking is to hang up N gear (neutral gear) to pull the handbrake, which is both fuel efficient and safe. ”

Do you want to do maintenance

Do not ask the 4S shop to ask the paper towel?

there is also a discussion among friends in the circle of friends. Now the maintenance cycle required by car dealers is getting shorter and shorter. “ in fact, car dealers want to earn more after-sale money, do not do maintenance, do not listen to 4S shop, take a napkin to try it on. ” this kind of post is also widely sought after in the circle of friends.

director Zhou told Lu Lu Tong that it is the most common method to do maintenance according to the kilometers of cars or travel time. However, the habit of driving and the road conditions are different. Strictly speaking, the owner of the car should judge whether the engine needs to change the oil according to the working time of the car. For example, some car owners have few driving distances every day, but they are blocked and most people will not go out when they are in traffic. This idle time engine is actually working, and there will be wear. Most of the time, the owner can not tell how much time the engine of his car works, so he usually decides the maintenance time according to mileage and time.

If the usual car does not open much, it is true that &ldquo, a napkin test method, &rdquo, can be used to judge whether the oil needs to be replaced. The specific method is to dip the oil into the paper towel with the oil ruler and drop one drop to the paper towel. If there is no obvious boundary between the deposition ring area and the diffusion ring area of the oil spot, the whole oil spot is uniform in color, and the oil ring is light and bright. It shows that the quality of oil is good. If the middle deposition ring is darker and the surrounding diffusion is wider, the oil ring is yellow at different depths, which means that the oil quality has been polluted, but the oil can still be used. If the sedimentary ring is dark black, the sediment is dense, the diffusion ring is narrow, and the oil ring color becomes darker, indicating that the oil quality has deteriorated, and when it changes. If there is only a central deposition ring and oil ring, there is no diffusion ring, the black sediments of the sedimentary ring are dense and thick, not easy to dry, indicating that the oil has been oxidized and metamorphosed, and must be replaced immediately.

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