Do the hands-on maintenance of the car DIY car repair five clever trick

Category:Car skills - Date:2018-04-06

Many car owners have a car repair “ black ” in addition to the experience of money, in addition to the loss of money, the precious spare time is often built on the car repair, the following 5 aspects is to teach you how to do it yourself DIY repair, that is to save money and find a lot of fun.

There is no need for a 4S shop for a small filter, a light bulb, and a light bulb. It will have to wait for an hour in line, and a high cost of time. So this kind of elementary knowledge of automobile should have been repaired for a long time. Such parts like the brake light bulbs belong to the wastage. As long as you carefully study the simple structure of the taillight, you can spend 5 yuan on the street to buy a light bulb, and then change it yourself to the car.

? maintenance to the fast repair center

general household cars should be replaced by oil and mechanical filters every 5000 kilometers. If they are replaced by 4S shops, they will be time-consuming, laborious and costly. So for this kind of technology that has little technical content, it can be safely handed over to the community fast repair shop. If you don't feel comfortable with the oil and other raw materials provided by the shop, you can buy a bottle of oil at the 4S store, then spend 10 minutes in the fast repair shop to solve the problem. In this way, the cost of 20 yuan will be paid at most, and the repairmen will have a detailed inspection of the chassis and tires free of charge.

Diagnosis of miscellaneous diseases to 4S store

today's cars are equipped with complex electronic systems and precise mechanical components. In case of large failures, it is absolutely not a solution to roadside stalls or auto parts. And now the 4S shop in order to close the customer, the basic fault detection is free, so you can run several 4S stores to detect the root of the fault, if the answers given by several stores are consistent, it can basically determine the location of the problem. But you don't have to rush to pay for it. If the maintenance process is not complicated, you can buy accessories from the 4S store and then replace it with the repairman in the garage.

Major repairs still require professional personnel

The car belongs to the precision machine, the small fault can also count on those “ the guerrilla team ” but if it really has a big fault, then you have to go to the professional 4S store. That is, for engine, gearbox, chassis, computer and other parts of the repair, we must choose 4S shop repair.

Take a German car for example, the air filter box in the head section of the air inlet is 200 yuan in the 4S store, and a subsidiary factory of 80 yuan in the auto parts city is all over the street, and the quality is not bad. Like a plastic piece, even if the auxiliary factory is not as durable as the original factory, it will not let your car anchor immediately. It will not take 80 yuan to replace it. The empty filter box does not belong to the core of the car. If there is a problem, it will not cause permanent damage to the car, but the key parts such as brake, tubing, belt and so on are absolutely not. The quality of the auxiliary parts is not reliable after all. If these key parts are out of order, it will be a great loss to the province.

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