Cleaning inside the car teaches you a few tricks to remove latent pathogens

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for the sake of family health, car owners should regularly clean and disinfect the carriages. The cold air came late, and on the streets finally saw the winter show staged by people. But even if people pack themselves tightly, the number of cold cases is increasing. Many of the owners who often have to go outside, not only often stay in public places, get into the car, but also get close contact with the latent pathogens. In this regard, people should not take lightly, in their own “ recruit &rdquo before, ahead of a series of car sterilization combination.

The 1 air conditioning system for prevention part

the way to deal with it is to start the air-conditioning regularly, and use the air conditioning system to sterilize internally.

The winter in the south is relatively warm, and people generally prefer to use the window instead of starting the air conditioning. If the air conditioning system is closed for a long time, it is extremely harmful to prevent the breeding of bacteria. At present, there is a silver ion air conditioning bactericide on the market. It only needs to be placed on the carpets of the side driving position in the car, through the air inlet of the air conditioner into the pipe of the air supply, and then blowing out from the air outlet, so that the articles in the car can be coated with a layer of silver ion protection film. Toxic and bactericidal effects. When using this type of silver ion air conditioning bactericide, it is necessary to close the door and window first, and then switch on the switch of the product. It will continue to spray a white columnar gas up to the top until all the products are sprayed all over, the whole process takes about five minutes. Once the door is opened, a faint fragrance like air freshener will be smelled. At present, the market price of this product is about 70-80 yuan per bottle, and it can last for 3 months after use.

in addition, there is a solar photocatalyst sterilizer on the market, which is more suitable for DIY operation of vehicle owners. The sterilizer is driven by solar energy, and has the functions of energy saving and environmental protection. It consists of two parts, one is copper coated with photocatalyst, and the other is a fan similar to the function of the ventilator. The energy of the solar battery continues to drive the fan's rotation, thus bringing the circulation of air in the motor car. The air circulated will pass through the copper coated with photocatalyst, and the air will be sterilized by photocatalyst. It is understood that within 12 hours, the sterilizer can clean the air inside the vehicle 7 times.

Prevention of space in 2 vehicles

response: ozone disinfection is available the night before the vehicle.

if you have ever had a cold or a patient who has caught a cold in a car, people will no doubt worry about the residue of bacteria inside the vehicle. At this point, the ozone disinfection method can be used. The principle of ozone disinfection is to destroy the structure of bacteria, viruses and other microbes in a relatively short period of time, so that they can lose their viability. When the concentration of ozone reaches a certain value, disinfection and sterilization can even be completed in an instant. Ozone has obvious inactivation effects on many pathogens, moulds, viruses, fungi, protozoa and oocysts, and ozone can also remove toxic gases such as CO, NO, etc. in the car by oxidation reaction. Because ozone is used to sterilize no harmful substances, it will not be harmful. Car It causes second pollution. Because ozone is quickly decomposed into oxygen after sterilization, and oxygen is beneficial to human body.

the ozone disinfection method is easy to operate. As long as a rubber hose connected with a car special disinfector is extended into the car, the special disinfector and the air conditioner in the car are opened, and the air circulation of the air conditioner is used to send the high concentration of ozone produced by the special disinfector to every corner of the car, so it takes only a few minutes. That's right. Usually the ozone disinfection effect can be maintained for a week, the car beauty shop in the market for ozone disinfection once, the price is about 60-80 yuan.

3 pads on the defensive position

Coping methods: timely cleaning

The foot mats are the &ldquo in the space of the car, and the &rdquo in the disaster area. Fortunately, it has been sunny in the near future. If the owners have time in the day, the mats can be taken out and the sun is insolated in the sun.

The traditional car owners use traditional mats, which are often difficult to clean, easily cause humid in the car, produce odor, bacteria and so on. At this time, you may choose a “ silver ion ” foot pad, suitable for long-term use, to maximize the extent of car owners to maintain space sanitation. Because this kind of foot cushion adopts honeycomb design, it is convenient for dirt and water to leave the surface of the foot pad in a short time. Moreover, it uses waterproof material, it is easier to clean, and the dust can be cleaned with water and the dry is very fast.

The position of the 4 door handle, the head pillow, etc.

Countermeasures: disinfection by alcohol

although there is no need to worry too much about influenza, cleaning is always beneficial. If the vehicle carries the patient with the flu, it is best to disinfect the door handle, steering wheel, window elevator, cushion, and foot pad, which often have many people to contact with medical alcohol. Also, in view of the condition that there is no hand washing on the car. In this regard, if your hands are dirty, you can also carry a water free hand cleaner with a clean decontamination function. This water free hand dew does not need water, soap and washing liquid. It can wash hands free of water and clean, disinfect and protect skin. When you use it, just pour some palm into your palm and rub your hands together.

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