To keep your car safe for winter, four points must be kept in mind

Category:Automobile maintain - Date:2018-04-06

People have a cold winter. Some people say that the southern winter seems to have a magic power. If the northern part of the winter is low in temperature, it will resist the past if you wear several more clothes. But the temperature in the south is not so scary, but the chilling spell generally has the way to get into the deepest seam of your bones. It's no use to wear clothes! Anyway, it's cold to know how to wear clothes, and the car needs the care of the owner in the cold season. Look at what we need to do in this chilly season for the sake of love for cars and for our own safety.

1, ventilation and ventilation to prevent winter sleepy

In the windy weather, the drivers mostly choose to close the window. The warm and dull air in the car can easily make the drivers sleepy, easily distracted and attentional, which leads to traffic accidents. Therefore, even in cold weather, the windows should be opened for a time to allow the car to change the air, and the driver will be more conscious when the cold air is aroused. If the vehicle is equipped with skylights, it is not bad to make a gap between the skylights, so that it can ventilate and not pour too cold air.

2, careful use of electric heating windshield

the function of front and rear windshield heating is luxury equipment, but now even the car with tens of thousands of dollars, the rear windshield heating function is mostly also standard. This function is mainly used in winter when the temperature is low, the purpose is to eliminate fog accumulated on windshield. The resistance wire in windshield is heated rapidly. If the outdoor temperature is too low, the car will also be covered with explosion-proof film, and the glass will burst easily due to uneven heat. Wash in cold weather Car forget to turn off windshield when electric heating causes glass burst. Therefore, unless the fog is really heavy and seriously affects the field of view, it is still better to use electric heating windshield.

3, pay attention to the status of battery

the weather is cold, the car is not easy to start. It requires the battery to have enough power output to smooth the ignition. Due to the low performance of the battery at low temperature, it is necessary to regularly detect and maintain the battery to maintain its normal voltage and liquid level. When ignition is not needed, wait for about 30 seconds to start again. Avoid continuous ignition to prevent exhaustion of electric energy. When you leave the car, you should first ignite the engine to turn on the lights, radio and other electrical appliances after you work. When you stop, you need to turn off all kinds of electrical appliances before turning off the engine. After parking, try not to use electricity, especially electric windows and loudspeakers.

4, should keep normal fetal pressure

Some drivers often think that because of the cold and rainy winter in the south, and some places may also have frost road conditions, so the tire pressure should be lowered to increase the contact area of the tire and the ground, and it is considered that the friction will increase and be safer. In fact, this practice is more harmful than good.

nowadays, due to the need of comfort, the normal tire pressure has been lower, and the tire and hub will be easily damaged if the pressure is reduced again. The tire continues to be under the condition of insufficient tire pressure, so it is easy to tire out, so the winter tire should be inflated according to usual standard.

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