A quick cooling in summer car with a cooling device for folk prescription

Category:Automobile maintain - Date:2018-04-06

In the summer, when the length of car length is stopped in the burning sun, the hot air that comes near 60 degrees centigrade is really daunting and has to run into the “ the oven ” in the general car, it is difficult to catch the heat at once, even with the strongest cold air. Is there a way to let the car cool down quickly? This week, we will introduce to you some &ldquo that can be used but also need to be used with caution; &rdquo.

Solar thermostat

Principle: use too much Sunshine and the peripheral light is directly converted into electricity, driving motor and fan blades to play the role of exhaust heat.

effect: when the vehicle is moored for a long time, it can continue to cool down and keep the temperature inside the vehicle not too high.

Method of use: after installation, there is no need for trouble. When the temperature of the car is above 28 degrees centigrade, the microcomputer temperature controller can automatically activate the temperature reducer and begin to cool down in the car. When the car starts the air conditioning, there is no switch switch and the cooler automatically closes to prevent the loss of air conditioning.

the selling price is 498 yuan -680 yuan, the expert recommends: the effect is good, the environmental protection is pollution-free and safe and stable, but the market fake price is more expensive, the quality is difficult to guarantee.

Practical index:

Car Cooling agent

principle: the main use of dry ice (solid form of carbon dioxide) refrigeration, plus some natural essence, softener.

Effect: it can cool down 20 C -40 C quickly.

use method: first open the external circulation of automobile air conditioning, and open all the windows and skylights at the same time, and then spray the cooling agent evenly and continuously to the space of the car, then the cooling price can be cooled in 30 seconds. 15 yuan -40 experts suggest that the storage is more difficult, the direct exposure to 50 degrees centigrade is easy to explode, and the time is not safe in the car, and it is not safe, and right The dermis has certain corrosion effect, and the cooling effect is short.

Practical index:]

Ice bag seat + cooling agent

Principle: use the latest &ldquo, tank gasket, gas liquid interworking &rdquo, seat cushion built-in ice pack, cooling agent connected with cushion, directly cooling the cushion.

effect: the seat cooling is 30 degrees centigrade.

Usage: the cooling agent is connected with the cushion, directly and lightly pressed, and can be sprayed as needed.

Price: 30 yuan -150 yuan expert advice: to overcome the damage to the leather, the cushion refrigeration temperature is longer, but the cooling agent is difficult to save, can not always be placed in the car.

Practical index:

A self-made alcohol spray

principle: use alcohol to volatilize away heat and cool down.

Effect: after 10 minutes of spray, the temperature can be reduced by 20 degrees.

Use: medical alcohol + water is installed in the sprayer according to the ratio of 1:10. Price: 5 yuan experts suggest: the interior, accessories and other corrosion, the cooling time is long, the effect is not obvious, alcohol is easily attached to the seat, to achieve a certain concentration of easy spontaneous combustion.

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