Car paints can not be regenerated and polished

Category:Body maintenance - Date:2018-04-06

In the course of the car, there will always be such a problem in the car paint. There may be fine defects on the surface of the film, such as coarse grain, sand paper mark, flow mark, reverse white, orange peel and so on. In order to make up for these defects, some car beauty shops will recommend polishing the paint for your car to improve the mirror effect of the film and reach the light. A smooth and showy request. This car paint care is called mirror care, commonly known as polishing.

Now the automobile paint is mainly transparent paint, its process is more exquisite, the procedure of nursing is the same as ordinary lacquer. First, it is grinding, it is to remove the original defects of the car paint. It is mainly used to remove the damage of different degree of car paint, such as oxidation, hairline scratch, micro scratch and so on. The types of abrasives are selected according to the different damage conditions and the properties of the paint.

polishing agents are mainly divided into light colored polishing agents and dark polishing agents. As the name suggests, they are dark colored polishing agents for vehicles and light colored polishing agents for light colored vehicles. Another function of the polishing agent is to act as a powerful detergent before waxing or called “ a detergent &rdquo. To love car “ after washing face &rdquo, then it will need a layer of reducing agent, also known as “ sealant ” its role is to restore the original appearance of car paint.

Polish the steps

First, clean the whole vehicle with a highly decontaminating lacquer cleaning agent to avoid new scratches in the grinding of particle dust; secondly, the defects such as coarse grain, fine sand paper marks, flow marks, and so on, are dipped in a small rubber liner with 600# to 1000# water sand paper before polishing. Wear paint layer; then use machine grinding machine plus coarse grind paste, grinding the marks of water sand paper, adding grinding paste for polishing and fine grinding; using mechanical polishing machine, adding mirror treatment agent to leave the scratch mark left by coarse grind paste to achieve the effect of polishing of the film mirror surface; after polishing and polishing, the polishing paste is cleaned and erect. That is, use cotton yarn dipped in wax polish to wipe all the polishing parts, then wipe the excess wax polish with dry cotton yarn to make the paint bright and bright.

Test the success of the paint care, you can take a newspaper, put on the surface of the car paint, if you can read the reflection from the reflection of the paint, it shows that the car's transparent paint has a shadow depth, the surface is also smooth as a mirror. At the same time, you can use a small method to try your car to get the perfect effect. You can use the transparent paper on the outer packing of the cigarette box to rub the body. If it feels uneven, it does not remove the oxide layer.

It is not suitable for polishing

However, after all, unlike human skin can be regenerated, car paint can not be regenerated, originally thick car paint layer, after a two time grinding, will become thinner and thinner, self protection ability is also getting worse and worse, eventually lead to irreversible aging. Therefore, unless the last resort is necessary, polish as far as possible do not do or less, and after a polishing, more careful and meticulous maintenance.

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