A broader view of automobile glass maintenance method

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Car the windshield glass can determine whether the driver's line of sight is clear or not. In summer and winter, because of the complex climate conditions, the windshield glass is easily blurred or mirrored, and the driver can easily confuse the line in the night or the weather is not good, and it will affect the safety of the driving. In the summer, when the rain is much more, the surface of the glass will leave a lot of shellac or the traces left by the rain. In winter, some rain and snow weather can easily make the mirror frosting. These problems seem simple, but it is not easy to deal with them.

1, reasonable use of glass water

there are a wide variety of glass water sold on the domestic market, but it is mainly divided into three types: glass water in summer, glass water of antifreeze in winter and special antifreeze type glass water. The glass water used in summer is mainly used to remove the flying insect residue on the mirror, and the winter antifreeze glass water is mainly to ensure that the automobile parts will not be frozen when the temperature is below zero below 20 degrees C, and the special antifreeze glass water is mainly used in the northern especially cold areas, and it can ensure that the car is still unfrozen at minus 40 degrees C.

In the regular glass maintenance process, we should choose the suitable glass water according to the season and the weather conditions. When we find the windshield glass surface is blurred, it will be much brighter with the suitable glass water. At night, the problem of glassy reflection of glass can also be cleaned with glass water. In addition, when running high speed or dusty, glass water will be used very quickly, and we should also pay attention to inject new glass water immediately.

Some owners think that cleaning glass is only clean and decontamination, so the use of detergent or detergent to replace glass water, some car owners are more cheap, direct use of clean water, these are hidden. There are some precipitates in chemical detergents such as washing powder, which are easy to corrode rubber tubes for a long time, and will clog the nozzle. In severe cases, the motor will be damaged. And the general detergent will continue to corrode rubber tubes to accelerate the hardening of the rubber strip of the catalytic wiper, and when the hardened adhesive strips scrape the windshield, the surface of the windshield will be shaved and scraped. If the wiper is rereplaced, the cost will be several times the price of glass water. Although ordinary water is clean, there are also many chemical residues in it, which will cause blockage of the nozzle and affect the water spray. Long term use also increases the friction of the mirror surface, making it easy for the wiper to leave a slight scratch on the mirror.

the.2, the car sticker

in the summer, a thin layer of thermal insulation film can play a big role, not only to resist the scorching sun, but also heat insulation and UV protection. Industry insiders pointed out that the heat insulation effect is one of the important reasons for the consumers to choose the sticker, in addition, the transmittance of the heat insulation film and the anti ultraviolet index are all the contents that the consumers must care about. However, many consumers have many misconceptions about the insulation film.

In order to protect the glass better

automotive insulation film has front, rear windshield and side windshield. Among them, the front windshield is the highest requirement for insulation film. According to the regulations of the Ministry of public security on traffic safety, the transmittance of the front windshield must be greater than 70%, so that the driving safety will not be affected. The front windshield is the most taboo to stick to the dark heat insulation film. In addition, when choosing the UV index of the insulation film, the higher the higher the better, because it can protect the components of the console and prevent premature aging of the long term solar radiation.

the side windshield thermal insulation film is also based on the premise that the rear view mirror is not affected by the vehicle owner. The choice of the side windshield is more flexible and the color is changeable. For example, some car owners like blue heat insulation film and so on.

In addition, the heat insulation effect of the insulation film is not directly related to the color depth, and the coating process in the heat insulation film is the key factor to determine the heat insulation effect. The higher the rate of heat insulation film, reflecting the more powerful. Generally speaking, the insulation film on the market with a heat insulation rate of 60% is already a good product. If the product itself claims to have a product of up to 80% or even 90% insulation, consumers will have more than one mind.

if the vehicle is equipped with GPS navigator, the owner should choose non-metallic film products, because most of the explosion-proof film on the market still belongs to the metal film at present, and it does cause interference to the GPS signal.

In addition, the sticker also has a simple process: instrument towels, keep clean — — clean glass — — film — — the insulation film on the window glass of — — according to glass shape, edge — — glass cleaner — — formal sticker; rolling, rolling, use of water, use The blowout corner of the blower — — finally clean. These steps are indispensable. If the film effect is not good, the owner can ask the shop to rework, so that the car glass can get the best protection.

3, glass insurance for the car

Glass separate risk, that is, the insurance company is responsible for indemnify the insurance vehicle in the course of use, a commercial insurance for the loss of the broken glass of this car. Broken glass alone means that only the windshield and window glass (excluding car lights and mirror glass) are damaged.

In addition, if you are insured in accordance with the imported glass rate, the insurance company is compensated according to the price of the imported glass. If the domestic glass rate is selected, the insurance company will pay the price of the domestic glass.

buying a glass insurance for a car can effectively ensure the safety of the glass, and the owner can also drive safely.

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