How to deal with several scratches in the breaking phase of love cars?

Category:Automobile maintain - Date:2018-04-06

Because of the influence of the external environment, the automobile produces shallow scratches, pollution and oxidation on the surface of the paint, and it will cause the deep scratch of the primer because of the artificial scraping. In view of these two kinds of drivers' headache, what kind of method can suit the remedy to the case and repair quickly and well?

for shallow scratches, we can prevent it. It is protected when the paint is new. For example, a mirror glaze on the surface of the body, the mirror glaze is a polymer polymer as the main component. It directly acts on the surface of the car paint. The mirror glaze is squeezed into the car paint by a polishing machine or manual operation on the clean body, forming a protective film like a net. It greatly improves the hardness of the paint. The characteristics of high temperature and ultraviolet resistance protect the paint better. If the car waxes and waxes regularly, the effect of mirror glaze can be maintained for a year.

for those vehicles that have scratched lightly, they can also be processed quickly by polishing. The polishing wheel is used with polishing agent to remove the oxide layer attached to the surface of the car and draw the fine scratches. At the same time, the agent penetrates the car paint to reduce the change, not only the shallow scratch is removed, but the paint surface has been refurbished. Depending on the vehicle condition, the process takes only 30 to 40 minutes.

if the scratches on the body have exposed primers, partial paint treatment is necessary. For this scratch, we suggest you go to the paint repair center with scratch repair business. They use special repair paint, where to make up where, avoid the large area of spraying time and effort, repair paint dry speed, color and natural link with the original car paint, no color difference, completely no repair marks.

1. The shallow scratch can be grind with sand paper first, remove its impurities and rust, then reduce and wax through the paint, and finish polishing with polishing agent until the film is smooth and bright.

2. medium and deep scratches can not be repaired by grinding. The small area of the concave is not more than 5mm, which can be leveled by filling the putty and then treated with paint. If the scratches are exposed to metal, it is necessary to clean the rust and slag of the surface coating, grinding and leveling, and then smear the oxidizing neutralizer with antirust effect, spray the bottom oil, and repeat the process of spraying, drying and grinding.

3. and the more serious deformation is to be treated by sheet metal. The treatment of scratches is a relatively high requirement for technicians. The advanced technology of SNAP can make your car quickly restore its original appearance in the shortest time.

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