It is not easy to do the annual inspection of cars

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“ yesterday, the car was checked annually, and the result was found to be unqualified because I put on a mirror mask. ” recently, a netizen complained about the annual inspection experience of his car on the Internet, because the transmittance of windows was not up to standard, and was finally asked to rectify.

reporters learned from some vehicle inspection institutions in our city yesterday that the end of the year was always Car Peak of annual inspection. With the use of the newly revised "technical conditions for motor vehicle operation safety", from September 1st last year, the requirements of each inspection station to vehicle annual inspection were stricter, and some manual inspection projects had been taken by machine testing, which resulted in an increase in the rate of unqualified annual inspection.

nearly 30% vehicles annual inspection “ planted ” on the lights.

Yesterday morning, the reporter saw in the Nanjing Jin Yuan motor vehicle inspection station in the east of the city. A van slowly drove into the detection line. A person was about one person high. The movable instrument was slowly approaching the front of the car and pointing to the light position. 1 minutes later, the instrument displayed &ldquo and &rdquo.

the person in charge of the testing station introduces that the instrument can be based on Vehicle model Adjust the height. There is a white board on the front of the instrument. When the motor light is turned on, the light is directly on the board. The instrument will analyze and calculate the brightness of the headlight. This can reduce the artificial miscarriage of justice.

“ I have not installed xenon headlights. Why not? ” master Xu is very puzzled about the test results. Inspection station staff said, this is because the lights are too dim. It was not long before Mr. Xu thought that because of the accident, his car light was broken, and then a light bulb was changed at the repair factory. It was estimated that the light bulb had a problem. Being identified as unqualified, master Xu had to send the car to the repair shop again for a qualified bulb.

The person in charge of the inspection station says, according to the national standard, the xenon lamp is refitted in private, the angle of light irradiation exceeds the standard, and the detection line can not pass. Few people know that the light is too dark and can not be used, and some parameters must be reached.

it is understood that the test station detected more than 60 vehicles per day, and nearly 30% vehicles were unable to pass the lighting problem, most of which were trucks and minibus.

unqualified glass transmittance of vehicles in.1/10 annual inspection

in addition to the difficulty of light clearance, the transmittance of glass also makes it difficult for young cars to pass the test.

a test station near Jiangdong North Road. Passat The owner said with a frown, "“ my sunshade film is too dark, and is not detected." ” the reporter saw that the black Passat car window was covered with dark shading film, which was difficult to see outside the car.

According to the adjusted national standard, the transmittance of the front gear of the vehicle should be above 70%, and the transmittance of the two side retaining walls in the driver's area should be over 50%, according to the adjusted national standard. “ many people used to put dark film or mirror mask on window glass. &rdquo, the stationmaster said that the previous inspection of glass was mostly a inspector with the eye of the naked eye, there would be error, and now it was all on the machine, and it was impossible to make a fake.

it is understood that in every 10 cars detected at the station, one car was required to be rectified because of its poor transmittance of glass.

The stationmaster said, before the vehicle detection line, the car owner can first self test, let a person sit in the car, from the front can see people, and can see the face, so basically qualified.

after the implementation of the new standard, the annual inspection clearance rate dropped to 70%.

It is understood that, according to the new standard, if the car owner is loaded with &ldquo on the car; the big encircling ” the annual inspection certainly can't pass off; some owners stick the ad in the body, and not; if the cartoon plate frame blocks the letter, it must be changed, the license plate letters are blurred, and the license plate should be replaced first.

in addition, the new standard has also strengthened some rules. Tian Weitong, the general manager of Nanjing new focus Automobile Service Co., Ltd., said that some former owners worried about the environmental test not reaching the standard, looking for “ yellow cattle ” temporarily replacing the three yuan catalyst. Because the vehicle is not qualified for the exhaust emission or other aspects when the vehicle is first tested, it is necessary to provide the maintenance invoice, the maintenance list and the replacement part in the field test. In addition, the original car owners can freely select the detection station, in one test is not qualified, can be changed to another, now which is the beginning of the test, after the maintenance of the vehicle has to return to this home.

Yesterday, the reporter learned from a number of testing stations that the new standard has been implemented for more than 4 months, the original vehicle annual inspection rate can reach 80%, and now it is generally reduced to about 70%.

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