The visual blind area is horrible to teach you to adjust the position of the rear view mirror

Category:Automobile maintain - Date:2018-04-06

Car for drivers, &ldquo and blind spot &rdquo are easy to cause traffic accidents. Therefore, many drivers spend money to buy many equipment in order to eliminate blind spots. In fact, as long as the standard rearview mirror of the car is properly adjusted, the blind area can be eliminated as much as possible.

The first step adjustment of the central rearview mirror

The left and right position is adjusted to the left edge of the mirror to the right ear of the image in the mirror, which means that in the general driving condition, it is not visible from the central view mirror, while the upper and lower positions are in the middle of the mirror.

The second step adjustment of the left rearview mirror

when the upper and lower positions are placed, the distant horizon is placed in the center, and the left and right positions are adjusted to the 1/4 of the car body occupying the mirror area.

Adjust the right rearview mirror in the third step

Because the driver's seat is on the left side, the driver is not so easy to grasp the right side of the car, plus the need of the roadside parking, the right rearview mirror should be kept larger when adjusting the upper and lower positions, which is about 2/3 of the mirror. As for the left and right position, it also adjusts to the 1/4 area.

How to eliminate the angle of sight as far as possible in the fourth step

a lot of people think that to eliminate the angle of sight, try to adjust the left and right rearview mirror to the outside or down. In addition, some research shows that it may be in order to maintain a neat appearance, perhaps the love of beauty, and a lot of drivers to adjust the central mirror to take themselves in, which is wrong. It is normal that the driver can see the 200 degree left and right range in front of the driver without turning the eye. In other words, about 160 degrees are invisible. In fact, the left and right rearview mirror plus the central rearview mirror can only provide an additional visual range of about 60 degrees. What about the remaining 100 degrees? We have to be more careful by ourselves.

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