Car waxing price difference is large with wax up to half the cost

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Guangzhou Car there are many beauty shops. Wax is the most common item of car owners. How much does it cost to wax in Guangzhou? Reporter recently on the Tianhe, Yuexiu, Haizhuqu District three center urban survey found that the price of car wax after fierce competition, the bottom price is almost almost, but the upper limit is very high, different service prices vary greatly.

The difference in the price of the beauty market is large

car waxing is already a very basic car beauty service. It can be said that the competition is very intense. In spite of this, the reporter found that in many car beauty shops, the price of the wax is still different, the price of different beauty shops can be quite different.

From the survey of 17 car beauty shops in three cities, the cheapest price of the wax was 150 yuan per time, and the most expensive was 480 yuan per time, and the difference reached 330 yuan due to the different grades. Why is there such a difference? The owner of Mei Yao told reporters: “ in fact, wax itself is not worth much money, mainly time consuming, and most of the charge is manual cost. ” but the reporter found that only the car paraffin this simple car beauty project, in fact, every shop has a small difference, and the price is different varieties of wax. For example, a store in the Tianhe River, 180 yuan / time, Crown the price of wax is 280 yuan per time. And the same kind of wax, different store prices are different, such as the same 3M crystal wax, the same is the Tianhe two stores, one is 280 yuan / time, the other is 150 yuan / time.

Why is there such a big difference? One employee of the car Cosmetology at Zun port told a reporter that, like their Brazil palm wax 400 yuan once, although the price is expensive, it will not damage the car, “ there are many kinds of wax, and many other wax will damage the car to a certain extent. ” and the same wax, because of the different grades of beauty shops, the price may be different. A waxed worker told reporters that, in fact, the cost of wax was very different even if the price of a box was bought. It was not very large according to the amount of wax each time. It was mainly the way of waxing and the time cost. But the press survey, whether it is the machine or hand, each store emphasizes their own skills, such as the machine is more professional, and the hand to emphasize that they will be more uniform and more considerate than the machine. In the end, which is good, or to see the effect of the specific shop, it is suggested that the owners do not trust their effect too much. The effect of the wax is related to the patience and technology of the waxed master.

The own wax is not necessarily “ the number of wax is ”

Now a lot of car owners like to go to the mall or to buy Wax on the Internet, but because the car washing needs the site and a lot of water, most of the owners choose to take their own wax to the beauty shop. Is it much cheaper to carry the wax yourself? Reporters learned that, in fact, with their own wax will not be much cheaper. From the survey results, we can know that some beauty shops waxing price is 200 yuan, the price of wax is 100 yuan, the price dropped by 100 yuan, which is very cheap. More beauty shops, if the owners choose to bring their own wax, will only cost 20 yuan to 50 yuan, and a lot of wax and wax with the same price in the shop. One store owner explained that this is because the wax is not much money for a single time. It is mainly artificial and time cost, so the cost of the owner's own wax is almost the same, so it can't be too cheap.

although many reporters have learned that there are still many car owners like to bring their own wax. In addition to the fact that the price can be relatively cheaper, it is the main reason to rely on the wax that you buy. “ who knows the wax used in beauty shops is not genuine? ” many car owners pay great attention to this area, so they would rather buy their own wax and then wax the labor cost.

in addition, the reporter also learned about the two high-end beauty projects of coating and glazing. A shop owner told reporters that the choice of the two car owners only a few parts, usually most of the passenger source of the choice of car wax, mainly because the two services many owners do not understand, and high prices. Reporters learned that the only cost of coating is 700 yuan, the most expensive as high as 3880 yuan. The same is true for glazing, ranging from 480 yuan to more than 1000 yuan. However, for example, the standard workflow requires sealed workshops, but most beauty shops do not have corresponding working conditions. And the usual cost of a sealed studio is very high. Therefore, although the effect is only a few months, wax is still the mainstream choice of the owners.

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