New features of car complaints, uneven after-sales service

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according to the data released by China Association for consumer protection, in 2011, the National Association of consumers and associations accepted Car 16 thousand and 805 complaints, an increase of 19.2% over the same period, and the number of complaints has gone up to a new high.

In automobile complaints, more than half of the quality safety problems are involved, accounting for 54.7%. The problem of braking system failure, engine performance failure and fast oxidation of hub has become the focus of attention.

Three major features of car complaints

According to the data, the vehicle complaints that have been problems in 3 months of the car account for half of the total complaints, and the number of complaints about the new car in one year is more than 8 of the total number of complaints, proving that the quality of the new car does have problems, and some even the design of the vehicle itself is in a lack of design. However, the use of more than 3 years of vehicle failure should be more, but the number of complaints is less, mainly after the majority of consumers to take into account the cost of raising cars, repair factories to repair, and some have even changed, so the number of complaints is less. Some new cars in the free maintenance period, because the quality of the car is not strong enough, and after-sales service is not in place, just after the maintenance period of quality problems. According to statistics, the number of complaints during the two years of purchase and the warranty period is the highest.

At the monthly meeting of the Asian city (Beijing Beichen Asian Sports Village automobile market center), Zhang Yulong, the deputy director of the China automobile after-sales service quality evaluation center, said that there are 3 main features of the complaint of automobile quality:

First, the problem of complaints is more concentrated. The previous complaint statement is just a big guess, and the car has this or that problem. Now it can focus on a large class or one or two small groups, and the consumer finds the problem more accurate. Zhang Yulong said, it is worth noting that the most common complaint in 2011 is the quality of the engine, electronic system, braking system and other quality problems, almost 70% of the whole system of complaints, and the quality problems in these aspects should be paid attention to by the industry authorities. When dealing with complaints in these areas, consumers usually do not know clearly, basically they are expressed as “ abnormal sound ” It is usually described as “ there are abnormal sound &rdquo in the electronic box, and then cause all kinds of troubles and contradictions. Zhang Yulong gave an example to reporters. He said he received a complaint about auto ignition last year. The main eye of the car watched his car spontaneous in a few minutes, and finally the fire fighting car put out a fire. The fire department issued a proof to the owner of the car that the circuit at the foot of the driver caught fire. The owner of the car will prove to be given to Dealers equivalent to the identification, but dealers simply do not recognize it. If you want to identify, you need to go to the 3 major accreditation bodies of the state. The cost of the appraisal is quite high and consumers simply can not afford it.

Second is the complaint of the quality of the tire over the past year. Since the 315 exposure of Kumho tire problem last year, tire quality problems such as dregs and bulging have attracted much attention, especially for many big brands. Many traffic accidents, such as rollover, are mostly summed up as tyres. In fact, 30% of the accidents are due to tire quality.

Third isSUV There are many complaints in the market. Zhang Yulong introduced to the reporter, in fact, since 2011, the SUV import car import complaints are very large, the import car complaints are now a tumor, no people are treated. At present, our existing laws and regulations do not meet the requirements of import vehicle technology testing, quality measurement standards and many other aspects. The reporter understands, at present, the quality problem of imported cars is not smooth because of the particularity of the source channel of imported cars.4S store after receiving the complaint information, the manufacturer does not know the news. General car bad repair process in the process of repairing the cost by 4S shop or bear half, so 4S store a lot of loss, if there is a bad impact, manufacturers also have to punish 4S store money, so this is closed up do not report is the usual way of the 4S store. In addition, there are other users who have high expectations for the imported cars, spend hundreds of thousands of yuan or even hundreds of thousands of yuan to buy the car, open two thousand or three thousand kilometers out of the problem, so much money, the quality of the problem, the heart is not balanced, and the 4S shop to push off the responsibility, so sometimes there will be excessive action.

The level of after-sales service is uneven

during the interview, the reporter learned that at present, besides complaints about the quality of automobile products, complaints about after-sales service are also increasing.

the uneven level of after-sales service should be the main reason for complaints. In 2011, complaints caused by service environment charge mainly focused on service attitude and accessories management. At present, there are a lot of fake items flowing into 4S stores through various channels. There are many differences in the quality of service. Similarly, in the same city, the problem and the charging standard are different. The charge is not standard, it is evaluated by 4S store. From 200 yuan to thousands of yuan.

Zhang Yulong told reporters that the problem of repeated repairs is the most difficult to solve many complaints. However, this problem will soon be solved. It is understood that the quality evaluation center of China's auto after-sales service will introduce the quality of service quality standard in 2012, and there will be a reasonable solution to the problem of bad repair. At present, the lack of information communication channels is mainly reflected in the fact that enterprises can not actively contact users, and more than 70% of enterprises do not have information about customer complaints. Zhang Yulong said that he recently received a complaint that the company knew the customer's basic information and the specific quality of the car to the complaint handling department.

However, Zhang Yulong is optimistic about the market prospects of the present auto after-sales service. He said that the current big environment has a great pressure on dealers. First of all, the state will introduce the pressure and responsibility of the car manufacturer to repair, replace and return the goods. In addition, the quality development outline mentioned the quality development program from 1996 to 2010, and now a new standard is put forward from the 2011 to 2012 quality development program, that is, people's strange call “ the quality of service ” The State Council's requirements for quality of service reached 80%, which means that the next step for automobile manufacturers is to work hard at the service center and customer service quality. This is a policy that is better than the car service market.

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