Traffic police investigation: more than half of the respondents said they had road rage

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recently, the video and discussion about the female drivers in Chengdu have aroused strong repercussions throughout the country. Reporters yesterday learned that Shenzhen traffic police specifically conducted a social survey on “ road rage ” uncivilized traffic behavior like “ road anger ” and 46.9% of the Nu people met the situation. In response, the traffic police in Shenzhen said that from today on, &ldquo will be launched for a month of centralized regulation, such as forced overtaking, continuous line changing and &rdquo. At the same time, Shenzhen traffic police will start the city's more than 30 thousand cameras, capturing chaos and other traffic violations.

survey: more than half of the respondents believed that they had “ Lu Nu ”

According to the data of the Ministry of public security, since 2012, the traffic safety accidents caused by &ldquo and &rdquo have risen year by year. As of April this year, the national management department had investigated and dealt with &ldquo, &rdquo of road rage, and 104 million offenses. According to the Shenzhen traffic police statistics, last year, more than 37.2 thousands of illegal acts were committed in Shenzhen, and more than 18.4 thousands of illegal acts have been investigated and dealt with this year.

5 months from 7 to 10, Shenzhen traffic police through the Shenzhen traffic police government WeChat and the Internet recruited 2235 volunteers about “ I am not the road anger ” the survey showed that they have “ road rage ” 57.6%; met “ road rage ” 71%, often met “ road rage ” The behavior accounted for 21.1%; the behavior of meeting road rage was 23.1%, 46.9% was determined to fight back, 51.6% used to have a fighting car, a child on the car, &ldquo, &rdquo, and 92% of his emotions.

Test: nearly 40% vehicles have “ rage ” behavior.

The Shenzhen traffic police said the survey showed that in daily driving, uncivilized driving behavior such as casual changing line, plug, forced overtaking, continuous line changing, illegal traffic and other traffic illegal activities, as well as uncivilized driving behaviors such as obstructing the normal passage of other people and window throwing are likely to lead to anger.

from 8 to 9.5 months, the Shenzhen traffic police sent “ the stealth chariot ” and set up the fixed monitoring points for the four period of time to Guangzhou Shenzhen high speed, North Ring Road, Riverside Avenue, Xinzhou Road, Qiao Xiang Road, Longgang District Huang Hsia road Qing Xia intersection, Hongli — Jintian road mouth, Hongli — Yitian intersection, Fu — Yitian; Yitian; Intersection eastbound, Fu Zhong &mdash, Yitian intersection westbound, Sungang pedestrian bridge sections and other sections of the test.

In the meantime, there are 2400 Car Entering the monitoring point, 792 of the change lanes did not turn to the turning lights, accounting for 33% of the total number of tests; 116 vehicles were changed at random or one time to change multiple lanes (three or more lanes, including three), accounting for 4.8% of the total number of tests; 14 and 0.6%, and 11 vehicles entering the direction lane change lane, accounting for 0.45%. .

trigger “ road rage ” these are the main reasons:

“ overtaking at will, forcing and changing &rdquo, accounting for 86.5%.

“ crossroads wantonly, jump in ” accounted for 83.5%.

“ change direction no steering light ” account for 62.3%

“ the horn does not finish ” accounts for 45.7%.

“ driving too slowly ” accounting for 39.8%

“ car flow over large, traffic jam ” account for 32%

special action: “ video conference warfare ” re examination of angry people.

For uncivilized driving behaviors such as forcible overtaking, continuous changing lines, non steering lights, illegal driving and obstructing the normal driving of others, the Shenzhen traffic police will increase the intensity of the attack, specialize in &ldquo, and the wrath ” According to the briefing, from today on, the traffic police in Shenzhen will carry out a centralized regulation for a month. During the renovation period, the Shenzhen traffic police dispatched invisible chariots on the road every day, focusing on the above illegal and uncivilized driving behaviors. In addition, from today on, Shenzhen traffic police launched the “ video conference battle ” launched the city's more than 30 thousand cameras, snapping chaos and other traffic violations. Shenzhen traffic police are building a number of high-definition electronic police, it is expected that by the end of October this year, more than 2000 new high-definition electronic police will be added to investigate and deal with all kinds of traffic violations, and to investigate and deal with the wrath.

in addition to traffic policing, Shenzhen traffic police will also receive reports from the public. It is reported that the Shenzhen traffic police opened 83333333“ Lu Nu ” hotline, the public can call to report, or to the traffic police department to reflect more angry sections. At the same time, the public can also upload related pictures through micro-blog and WeChat. Shenzhen traffic police will draw some owners who report angry behavior through the third party platform and give certain rewards. Long term “ road wrath ” the informant can provide a certain number of illegal clues, the traffic police will be hired as “ traffic safety information officer ” and reward the train recorder.

for the public to report &ldquo, anger &rdquo, more roads and crossings, Shenzhen traffic police will arrange special forces to investigate and deal with them. As long as the evidence to be reported is true, full and objective, the Shenzhen traffic police will act on &ldquo and &rdquo, a fined 100~500 yuan, and a 3 - point traffic penalty.

The interpretation of nouns

Lu Nu phenomenon: driving motor vehicles with anger, commonly known as “ ” &ldquo as foreign; aggressive driving ”

“ &rdquo of the wrath; the traffic violations that can easily lead to road fury, such as changing lanes, forcible overtaking, illegal robbing, breaking the law, and not making the way out of law, are called “ the wrath ”

“ the road wrath ” because of the uncivilized and unsafe driving behavior of others, the other driver uses the same uncivilized and unsafe driving behavior to use the way of driving the motor vehicle illegal to go to “ punish & rdquo; the other kind of driver is called the “ the road is called “ Angry person ”.

traffic police reminded: keep a good attitude and do not do “ anger ”

according to the survey, to avoid “ Lu Nu ” 41.6% of respondents believe that maintaining good mood is most important. The traffic police department reminds us that it is important to keep a good driving mentality, meet &ldquo, &rdquo of the wrath, comfort yourself, do not let yourself become a &ldquo with low civilization quality, and &rdquo of the wrath. According to statistics, random variable line accounts for 30% of the causes of the accident, using Hayne's law to evaluate “ &rdquo of the anger maker; the possible cost: behind each serious accident, there must be 29 minor accidents and 300 attempted harbingers and 1000 accidents. Reporter Zhou Weiliang correspondent Liu Songchao, Sun Tingtu / Guangzhou Daily reporter Xuan Hui

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