Experience of using and maintaining new cars in winter

Category:Automobile maintain - Date:2018-04-05

Because of the lack of experience, many new car owners have some misunderstandings on the use and maintenance of the car. The industry experts remind that if the new car is used and the maintenance is improper, the light will cause the damage of the vehicle, and the weight will jeopardize the safety of the driver and the passengers.

Let's listen to the experience of people.

[learn to look at the dashboard]

it is very important for beginners to drive and learn to see dashboards. Always pay attention to the pointer on the dashboard and keep an eye on the icon displayed on the dashboard. When the red light is on, stop and stop the fire as soon as possible.

A lot of new car hands in the habit of parking in the parking space, this habit is very bad, easy to make the gearshift lever into the forward gear, thus it is dangerous. When you stop, you must pull the handbrake, otherwise you will easily bump into other people's car. If you are on the ramp, you may also have greater danger.

[attention to abnormal sound]

in driving, drivers should pay close attention to the sound of all parts of the vehicle. Once the abnormal sound is detected, it is necessary to accurately judge whether the sound comes from inside or outside the vehicle. If it is determined from the car, it should not matter; if it comes from the vehicle, it should stop and check.

the owner should have a detailed record of his car, for example, when he travels to 10 thousand kilometers, he must know what to do. Every time you do your car maintenance and replace parts, you need to have detailed records.

[change the brake disc in time]

when the new car reaches 40 thousand kilometers, it is necessary to remind ourselves whether the brake pad should be changed.

to remind the owners that it is necessary to spend some time to see the car brochures, to understand the instructions on the use and maintenance of the car, and to understand it as much as possible, so that it will certainly bring great benefits to the car and the car.

In winter, the temperature in the car is high, if you sit more people, it is easy to produce a gas, so that the glass in the car is easy to fog and obstruct the driver's sight. If the treatment is not timely, it is often easy to be dangerous. To solve this problem, after getting on the car, the wind switch is transferred to the windshield glass before blowing. With hot air, it can open one gear in general. If there is fog on the car, the cold air conditioning will be opened first, the fog will soon spread out, and then the heat and air conditioning will be opened.

[regular inspection of oil and water]

under normal circumstances, owners should check the oil and water once a week to see if they are enough and leak. If it's not enough, make sure why. Generally, if the amount of reduction is not large, it is basically a normal loss. The oil circuit includes brake oil, transmission oil, engine oil and so on. Some cars do not see the transmission oil. You can see if there is any oil spill in the parking area. Every time you run long distance, you have to inspect the car's water and coolant thoroughly. If you get out of the sun, you should check whether the water is enough.

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