Maintenance of small knowledge car horn is most easily damaged

Category:Automobile maintain - Date:2018-04-05

The horn is Car on the important equipment, some owners have the habit of honking the horn. Does this habit damage the speakers?

Dongfeng Nissan During an interview, Chen Guohong, the technical director of the after-sale service department of the special store, said that long time trumpet easily made the horn contact to produce impedance, the current passing through the electromagnetic coil weakened, the drop of the electromagnetic suction could not attract the armature to drive the diaphragm normal vibration, resulting in the hoarse and even no sound of the pronunciation.

“ if the horn is not loud or abnormal, we should distinguish between the line fault or the horn itself. ” Chen Guohong told reporters that if the headlight is normal, press the horn button to check whether the relay has &ldquo, click, &rdquo, and noise. If there is a noise, it may be damaged by the horn. The horn assembly should be replaced. If there is no sound, it may be damaged by horn relay or horn button. When the horn relay is damaged, the relay should be replaced. If the horn button is damaged, the horn button on the steering wheel can be removed and the wire is short connected for emergency.

Chen Guohong said that it is particularly necessary to note that if the Vehicle model Configure the airbag, do not try to disassemble the steering wheel so as not to cause the airbag to open the injured person by misoperation, but should be repaired by the professional. Chen Guohong told reporters, “ some of the loudspeaker internal electromagnetic coil enameled wire terminal connector is aluminum metal rivet crimp connection, non solid welding connection. If the insulating paint on the end enamel line is not handled properly or the rivet is not firmly pressed, it will easily cause virtual connection failure. ”

In view of the daily failures, Chen Guohong suggested that the owner should pay attention to the following items when the car owner uses a car horn: remember to prevent the horn from being wet when the car wash, and find the horn to blow dry with the wind gun as soon as possible; do not always press the horn for a long time; the horn appears malfunction as far as possible to seek professional maintenance technician help, do not blindly even more. It is easy to make unnecessary waste by changing the horn.

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