How to troubleshooting car lighting and signal system failures

Category:Repair technology - Date:2018-04-05

Air gap

Reason: the gap between the inner contact of the horn is disappearing, the phenomenon is: the horn does not sound, only one impact sound when the horn button is pressed, the light brightness is reduced simultaneously, the measure is to adjust the center rod end nut to reduce the contact gap

Reason: the horn fire line has a ringing failure. Phenomenon: the horn does not sound, the current indicates a large number after the ignition lock (the horn current passing through the amperer). Measures: check the tie point at the line of the horn of the horn and eliminate it.

Reason: the horn line is broken, phenomenon: the horn does not sound, the current expression after the ignition lock is normal, the current meter pointer does not swing when the horn button is pressed.

Reason: the contacts of the horn to the button wire can not be separated. Phenomenon: the horn is ringing, the sound of the button is changed when the button is flapped (the speaker without the horn relay). The measure is to check whether the rear end of the steering shaft is worn out the horn line, the button is skewed, the spring is not deformed.

Reason: Trumpet relay contact sintering, phenomenon: loudspeaker ringing, dismantled relay " power " connection column wire does not sound, measures: grinding relay contact contact

Reason: the filament of the lamp is broken, the phenomenon is: the lamp is not bright, the current expression number is small when the light is turned off (because of the number of broken filament lamps), the fuse is not broken, the measures are to be replaced with a new lamp.

Reason: light fuse fuse, phenomenon: phenomenon with the same item, short fuse double foot, current expression number will increase or light, measures: check and eliminate short circuit fault, change into new fuse

Reason: the light gun fire line broken or connection off, phenomenon: the lamp is not bright, the current expression number is low when the stop light is light, and the current expression number is not changed when the connection point is connected to the lamp.

Reason: the common ground wire in the double filament lamp is burned, and the phenomenon is that when the lamp is opened, only the light is weak, and sometimes the symmetrical side will be slightly brighter, and the measures are to be replaced.

Light gun

Reason: the front light axis is out of order. The lighting distance is near or too high, and the left and right lights are not parallel.


Reason: the internal contact pressure of the horn is too low. Phenomenon: the horn is small, the horn current is low. Measures: adjust the center rod end nut of the horn to reduce the contact gap.

Cause: the loudspeaker's moving iron air gap is too large: the speaker's voice is low, and the volume is getting smaller.

Fire line

Reason: scintillator contact sintering. Phenomenon: turning light when turning light, but not flashing. Measures: changing scintillator or grinding contact

Reason: the scintillator contact gap is too large, the phenomenon: the turning light is very weak and does not flicker, only the slight red filament can only be seen, the measure: the small scintillator contact gap

Reason: left and right turn lamp power is not consistent, phenomenon: left and right turn light flicker frequency is different, power big side flashes fast, brightness is slightly higher, measure: replace flicker too fast (or too slow) light gun, unified right and left light gun specification

Cause: brake light switch contact oxidation, phenomenon: brake light is not bright or light is weak. Measures: replace brake light switch or grinding contact.

Reason: brake lamp contact sintering. Phenomenon: the brake lights are always bright and durable. Measures: replace the brake light switch or grind the contact.

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