Novice notice! Will the sound flask life ?

Category:Automobile maintain - Date:2018-04-05

Long term overload of battery

Mr. Wang: I bought the car for 1 and a half years and opened 50 thousand kilometers fast. When I checked the battery a few days ago, I found that it was white from the observation hole, not the normal green. Is it necessary to change it? In use, there is no abnormal fire and other conditions, and sometimes the evening light dashboard is perm. Is there a short circuit inside the instrument table causing a large amount of heat, so that the battery is overloaded for a long time?

Lu Jingen. By measuring the specific gravity of the electrolyte through the observation hole of the battery, it can indirectly reflect the storage status of the battery. If it is white, it should charge the battery in time. For some vehicles, the use of high-power vehicle electrical appliances for a long time at night can lead to thermal accumulation. Long term use will affect the service life of the battery and accelerate the aging of the line.

Flameout listening to sound

Mr. long: I like to sit on the train and listen to music. Why can't a car burn without fire after a CD is not finished? Will flameout and car audio affect battery life?

Lu Jingen: it will not affect in a short time, but we must control the use time reasonably. Long time opening will cause battery power to run out, the next start-up will be difficult, and the battery life will be affected. In particular, the modified high-power stereo will consume more power. It is recommended that after a period of time, start the engine to charge the car battery for a few minutes.

Airbag is not popped

Mr. Zhao: why was my car damaged in the middle of the left front wing during the collision, and the airbag did not explode?

Lu Jingen: in general, the condition of the detonating of a car's airbag is that it is on both sides of the axis of the vehicle (30°); it collides with the front or oblique front obstacles in the angle of the angle, and will be detonated if the longitudinal speed reduction reaches a certain value. The impact area of your car is at the front fender, and it is normal in the absence of detonation.

High oil consumption of small displacement

Mr. Cao: my car is 1.6 of the displacement. Recently, I found that the fuel consumption is very high. What is the matter?

Lu Jingen: fuel consumption has a lot to do with road conditions, driving habits and driving conditions. For example, a car climbing up a hill, a bad road condition, or a frequent start and brake on a city road will lead to a rise in fuel consumption. As far as driving habits are concerned, it is possible to avoid using emergency braking and stepping on the throttle as far as possible. If the brake is not in good position, it will also cause fuel consumption to rise.

Oil modified gas

Mr. Zhang: I am going to retrofit natural gas, but some friends advise me not to refit it. Ask experts to give some advice.

Lu Jingen: natural gas is cheap and CNG can be saved from an economic point of view. From a technical point of view, the power of retrofitting natural gas may be wasted, and the service life of some components will be greatly reduced. CNG still needs to be promoted from a security point of view. In addition, we should also consider whether gas is convenient and whether the source of gas is guaranteed. Moreover, the modification of CNG is to the regular modification point.

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Novice notice! Will the sound flask life ?




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