Do not overload when driving a small school using a car cigar lighter

Category:Automobile maintain - Date:2018-04-05

For the convenience of use, many owners will configure the vehicle inverter in the socket of the cigarette lighter. Although the vehicle smoke detector is a small object, there will be a hidden danger in the safety of the car owners and vehicles if there are some misunderstandings in the use. some Car Li Wenxuan, the post-sale director of the special store, recently received a reporter's interview that each vehicle inverter has the maximum output power and the maximum passing current, and the owner must not exceed the maximum load.

The smoke detector should not exceed the maximum load

a cigar lighter for automobile configuration is an electronic accessory used to pick up cigarette smoke from vehicle power. Li Wenxuan said cigarette lighter is mainly designed to provide convenience for smokers. In addition to smoking, many car owners are equipped with a vehicle inverter, which can convert 24V or 48V DC to 220V/50Hz AC power, which can be used for ordinary electrical appliances. Li Wenxuan reminded owners that each vehicle inverter has the maximum output power and the maximum passing current, and the owner should not exceed the maximum load.

For the owner of smoking, the cigarette needs to contact the electric hot wire when the cigarette is lit. It should be paid special attention to not forcing the electric hot wire too hard. If there are tobacco and other things falling into the electric heat wire, please clean it in time and prolong the service life of the product. When the battery power will be exhausted, the heating of the electric heating wire will be slower.

The best use of the cigarette lighter socket

cigarette lighter socket can be used not only for automotive outlet, but also for automotive power supply through USB interface. Li Wenxuan said, therefore, the owner should pay attention to the type of interface when choosing cigarette lighter socket products. In addition, the owner chooses the porous smoke device socket, according to the habit of using auto electric appliance, the more the hole is connected, the more heat will be used, and the hidden danger of traffic safety will be increased. It is the correct way to choose a cigarette lighter socket with the right number of holes.

It is not suitable for long time use

there is a special metal shrapnel structure in the power supply socket of the cigar lighter. It is not recommended that the cigarette lighter socket be used as the power source of other electrical appliances. Li Wenxuan said that the use of other electrical appliances can cause damage to the metal shrapnel after the use of other electrical appliances, which can cause the power circuit to burn up after the smoke device is set to set the temperature.

Li Wenxuan said that when the vehicle owner was not used, the power interface should be pulled out so as to avoid prolonged use and cause the spring to loose and not to heat the electric heating sheet. In addition, repeated plugging and unreasonable use will cause short circuit and even burn insurance, thus affecting the safety of vehicles.

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