Be vigilant against self imposed parking habits and be careful of damage to cars

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Many owners have complained that the parking lot has been taken by some “ the immoral molecule ” rubbing or tying, but you know, from the moment you stopped, it was doomed to be “ hurt ” that's because you didn't choose the place for parking at all. Based on the actual experience of many owners, the author sums up the following kinds of parking methods. Stop in the aisle or other people's fixed parking space.

parking in this way is bound to affect other people's traffic or inconvenience to others. A narrow minded person will sabotage your car with anger. Spitting and mucous sputum are minor things, most of them are nauseous; if you take a hard object with keys, nail clippers and so on, it will be enough for you to cry for a long time.

Stop under the balcony of a tall building

In this way, it just goes into the &ldquo of some impersonate upstairs; the shot range is ” the light throws a cigarette, the fruit core or the waste battery, and the windy and rainy days, the falling glass and the flowerpot are not rare, the consequences can be imagined. In addition, in summer, the waste water dripping from the outlet of the air-conditioner is also easy to leave the impression on the car paint, and polish or sand wax can be erased.

The upscale car is stopped by the car

people go together, birds of a feather flock together, and cars are no exception. You stop your shiny and bright car on the car that other people do not know is the first hand, if you are unlucky to meet the imbalance and “ the rich complex ” the heavy car owner will inevitably give you the car “ the lower hand ” It would be wise to park the car near the same grade of cars, at least at the same time.

Stop the car under the big tree

we must know that birds' droppings on trees are corrosive. If they are not processed in time, they will leave &ldquo on the car paints. It is difficult to obliterate the mark of &rdquo. In addition to bird droppings, some trees drop fruit in some seasons, drip mucus, and even drop branches on windy and rainy days.

Stop in the view of security

where there is no sunshine, there are often dark and ugly. In the same way, where security is difficult to patrol, it is often the place where the car meets unlucky.

Stop too close to other cars

parking so that your car can easily be damaged by someone else's door. When the two cars stop at the same time, it is best to keep away from them as far as possible. If the average two cars are more than two meters apart, then even if the door is opened to the maximum, they will not be able to reach. If there is no way to stay away, keep it within 60 centimeters, so that those “ ” they know to drive the door carefully.

Stop between the two cars.

when you stop in the middle of the two cars, the probability of knocking your car door carelessly is the biggest. The leftmost and most right-hand two seats are better than the left, because the right side of your car is the door to the driver's door, and the driver generally knows to be careful to open the door to avoid both failures, but those who don't drive are less aware.

Stop in the low-lying zone

In this way, there is no effect on the sunny day. If it rains in a rainy day, some of the bad sections of the drainage system, the water may be very deep, and after the heavy rain, your car will become “ love ship ”

Stop in a place where the light is bad

parking in such a way makes it easy for the rear car to rear end, and the second is easy to be stolen. If you stop at night, be sure to find the open place, and turn on the warning lights and other lights to prevent the rear end accident; if you need to stop for a long time, you'd better stop the car under the street lamp or the parking lot.

Casual parked on the roadside

parking in such a way can easily affect traffic. If it is light, it will be fined. You know, automatic car traction is a rule, for example, you must put N gear, drag it unpolitely may damage your automatic transmission.

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