Body maintenance focuses on how to repair and maintain carefully scratches

Category:Body maintenance - Date:2018-04-05

Sometimes the inadvertent scraping will cause some damage to the body, but because many owners are not very familiar with the maintenance of the car paint or their own driving, it is not always known how to solve the problem of the small damage. In fact, Car maintenance and repair of the car body can also be very simple. Just memorize a few tips to solve it.

body aging and inspection and maintenance tips: no matter what kind of car, there will be big or small scars. How much damage does the scar cause to the surface paint? How can we repair it? The correct method of disposal must be considered. If it is not a bruise, the clever way is not to manage it.

wear and tear repair and maintenance tips: all cars have abrasions. The best way to repair is to fill the wound with the same coating agent as the body. The coating agent can be painted once, two times, and three times. The more times, the cleaner the coating will be. But the whole process of the whole body is also very important.

small wound repair and maintenance tips. If the body is found to have a scar, check the extent of the injury first. If it is only scratched lightly, it should be treated immediately with a mixture. Wipe the method in a straight line. After the wound is gone, wipe it with a finer mixture and wax.

The repair and maintenance tips of scratches and lacquer flaking: a deep scar, the emphasis is to observe whether the metal surface is exposed. If you can't see the metal surface, it will not rust, and the paint can be painted with special attention. Place them on the tip of the pen bit by bit, and wait until the paint is dry.

deep wound repair and maintenance tips: deep but slender wounds can be mended well with colored putty. Sandpaper should not be used to expand the wounds. It is important to clean up the dirt. Putty should be applied carefully and thoroughly into the interior. Finally, put on the mixture, wax, finish the work.

The repair and maintenance tips of the depression: the depression treatment is one of the most troublesome work in the body maintenance, and the important thing is to make a good foundation. If this step is not good, the coating does not work well. When painting, do not forget to cover up the newspaper with the newspaper, so that the paint should not spread to the surrounding area.

rust prevention tips: when rust is found, it should be resolved immediately. If left unchecked, the rust point will gradually expand. The way to prevent rust is to wipe it with sand paper or use the synthetic agent that changes the rust point. According to the situation, use separately.

leakage tips: waterproof strips sticking around doors and suitcases are easy to peel and distort. But if it is not broken or deformed, it can be used again, and it can be prevented from leaking if it is re pasted. It is also important to use protectant to restore the elasticity of rubber itself.

the repair and maintenance tips of bumper wounds: the way to handle the wounds carried by insurance is to cut the burrs and smooth the parts of the potholes with oil and ash. Special putty, prepare all kinds of colors and choose the nearest color. Spray paint is very important to the same color bumper.

oil maintenance tips: too much oil will affect the engine. The ideal quantity is the location close to the upper limit of the oil level. Replenish the oil and try to prepare the same grade products as the oil in use. Be careful not to splash around the engine and check it once a month.

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