What is the problem of starting and shaking of auto trouble models?

Category:Repair technology - Date:2018-04-05

Just starting to learn to drive, we usually choose to use manual gear to practice. Perhaps the biggest challenge we face at this time is to start out and start jitter, that is, oil separation is not good. But when the automatic transmission is generated, the problem is solved. But the trouble we are going to see today is also a starting jitter problem, but it happens on the automatic block.

We think there may be a few reasons for the problem, such as a semi shaft deformation or damage, problems in the gearbox, jitter, problems in the gearbox or the connection between the engine and the body, and the vibration caused by loosening. We identified the problem points, we started the inspection in a certain order, but after many trial runs, the trouble remained, and there was no way to eliminate it.

On the second day, start the engine, drive the vehicle, but find that the fault of the car completely disappeared until the water temperature rises before it again, so that the problem of the connection of the hardware facilities is excluded, the main point of the doubt refers to the inside of the gearbox.

the following problems will be caused by similar problems:

the quality of.1. transmission oil is not good, resulting in failure;

2. is connected to the test equipment again. It is found that the transmission oil temperature is higher than the normal value. There is no abnormality in checking grease. When checking the gearbox cooling system, we find the real problem:

The car's Gearbox radiator in the lower part of the radiator of the tank, out of a few days ago, because the pavement conditions are not very good, muddy, dust caused the surface of the gearbox radiator surface completely sealed, seriously affecting the performance of heat dissipation, although he cleaned the car after the back of the city, but no special cleaning radiator. This problem is discovered immediately in practice, and indeed a process is needed.

Treatment methods: carefully cleaning the heat dissipation system. Test the car again, troubleshooting.

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