The problem of air-conditioned cars can be solved easily in summer

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with the arrival of the hot summer, many readers recently called to ask questions about automotive air conditioning. This issue is aimed at the maintenance and use of automotive air conditioners in the summer. We have interviewed many auto 4S shops after sale and related professionals, asking them to answer the questions for readers.

Mine Air conditioning Why not refrigerate? — — — may be two aspects of the problem. At this time, attention should be paid to the examination of cold enzyme and Air conditioning The most recent responses received by the filter net Air conditioning the problem is that Air conditioning It is not refrigerated. that Air conditioning what causes the failure of refrigeration?

Du Pengfei, director of Shanghai Huayu 4S shop, general Chevrolet, told reporters that &ldquo: &ldquo. Air conditioning without refrigeration, the most likely scenario is that there is no cold enzyme. For example, before the demolition of the machine, resulting in leakage of cold enzymes, it will cause. Air conditioning It is not refrigerated. Or the compressor's time is long, it has been open for several years, the components inside are damaged, and there are problems in the pipeline. Air conditioning It is not refrigerated. Car owners can test their own Air conditioning If it is cold, it will be normal. If it is not cold, you should go to 4S shop for professional testing as soon as possible. Now many 4S stores are targeting in summer. Air conditioning All of them are free of charge. ” “ if the cold enzyme is normal, the compressor is also normal. Air conditioning refrigeration is not ideal enough. Air conditioning Filter net. Air conditioning If the filter is not used for a long time, it will be very dirty, after the dirty, the air flow will be blocked, the wind can not be blown out, so it is not cool, and the quality of the air is not good, so this time should be cleaned. Air conditioning Filter net. ”

Dongfeng Yueda KIA Shaanxi Hengtai 5S special store after after sale manager Sun Yuming said to the reporter: “ some car owners often have to drive through some air cloudy places, Air conditioning the filter will be dirty. Many cars used to be paper Air conditioning Filter screen, filtration is relatively clean, but the cost is very high, if the wet weather encountered water is easy to mold, the smell of blowing out is very difficult. Now Air conditioning Has been improved, all changed into the filter type, after the shop inspection, direct water rinse, and then blow dry mounted on the line, the program is very simple, but the effect is very large, the car air is fresh to the body. ” Sun Yuming said.

Using internal or external circulation? — — — internal cycle. If the outside cycle is equal to open Air conditioning No windows are closed

a reader called to tell reporters that she had been buying a new car for nearly half a year and was afraid of summer. Air conditioning not cold, specially went to the 4S shop to do the maintenance, lets the person add the cold enzyme, changed. Air conditioning Filter net, but Air conditioning It's still not too cold. Finally, during the conversation, the reporter learned that the lady Xia Tiankai was the original. Air conditioning The external circulation has been used all the time. Because she heard people say that the inner circulation is easy to fall asleep, so whether it's winter or summer, it always uses external circulation, including refrigeration. Air conditioning

So in summer Air conditioning should we use internal or external circulation? Let's listen to the explanation of the experts after car maintenance.

Sun Yuming said: “ open Air conditioning if the circulation is outside, it will be very difficult to bring down the temperature. open Air conditioning The opening cycle is equivalent to the opening of the home Air conditioning Open the window. Opening the inner loop is equivalent to closing windows at home. No need Air conditioning When the external circulation is used, the air can be convective and the outside fresh air comes in. It is good for the body. When the air is cloudy, it is necessary to use the internal circulation. It is the same reason to warm the air in winter. If the cold air is coming in, it will be difficult to raise the temperature inside the vehicle. ”

Dongfeng Yueda KIA Fang Tieqiang, a staff member of Xi'an Airlines four station franchise store, said: “ summer opens. Air conditioning Of course, internal circulation should be used. Because the outside air is hot in summer, if the external circulation is used, the external heat will be sucked into the vehicle. Air conditioning refrigeration is meaningless, and winter is the same. Internal circulation can make cars cool down or heat up rapidly. Of course, if the summer temperature is hot and just enter the car, you can use the external circulation to drain the heat out of the car, or open the door for the air to circulate, and then use the inner loop to reduce the temperature of the car quickly. ”

Open Air conditioning Does it affect the brakes? — — — no influence. because Air conditioning The brakes belong to two completely separate systems

Some readers ask, summer opens Air conditioning when there will be power loss, will it affect vehicle brakes? Sun Yuming introduced to reporters: “ Air conditioning The brake performance will not be reduced. because Air conditioning and the brake system is two separate systems, so there is no impact. You can safely relax in summer. Air conditioning There is no need to worry about the problem of weakening the brakes. The answer is yes. All cars, open Air conditioning there will be power loss. The large displacement vehicle will not feel very obvious when driving, but the feeling will be more obvious if the volume is below 1.4. But as long as we do normal maintenance and repair, the problem is not big. ”

Can you add the back row Air conditioning?? — — — no. Refit Air conditioning it will cause overload work of compressor and reduce compressor life.

a lot of high-end cars are seen by readers. Air conditioning Want to ask if your car can be added back Air conditioning

Can the 4S store be added Air conditioning Du Pengfei told reporters: &ldquo, 4S store is not installed. Air conditioning Air conditioning it will cause compressor not to shut down and overload. It will not only cost oil, but also lead to the reduction of compressor life. ”

Sun Yuming said: “ adding, refitting Air conditioning It will be very troublesome, because the vehicle design of these space pipes are reserved in advance, if you if you want to change, the first car is not beautiful, and the next program is very complex. retrofitting Air conditioning engine power loss is greater and the demand for air conditioning is greater. Engine More laborious. ”

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