It is not necessary to save the oil temperature at 25 degrees centigrade

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in the hot summer, fuel consumption of cars will be much higher than that of other seasons. However, as long as a few subtotals are applied, we can save a lot of oil money in the rage of &ldquo, &rdquo.

The cooling of the window does not necessarily save oil

in summer, the high temperature inside the vehicle makes the owners miserable, and the automobile air conditioning makes the problem easy to solve. However, there must be some losses. The use of vehicle air conditioners reduces the temperature inside the vehicle, but also increases the fuel consumption of cars. Therefore, some car owners can not afford to turn on the air conditioner in order to save fuel and the temperature inside the car is too high.

Xi'an car city car decoration company Sun Guoqing said that the owner of the car use “ open the window to breathe ” to reduce the temperature in the car, in the urban area because of low speed, it is also an effective method. However, once the speed is increased, especially on the highway, it is just the opposite. Sun Guoqing explained that when the speed of the car is more than 80 mph, the increase of resistance due to the opening of the window makes the resulting fuel more expensive than the fuel consumed by the air conditioning.

The temperature of air conditioning is 25 degrees centigrade

an important reason for the high fuel consumption in summer is that the utilization rate of vehicle air conditioning is too high. As a result, the fuel consumption brought by the vehicle air conditioning is reduced, and the actual fuel consumption of the vehicle is greatly reduced. Car owner Lin Wei said that a few &ldquo around him; afraid of heat ” in order to make the temperature in the car cooler, the temperature of the vehicle air conditioning is often set at the minimum temperature. This is not only bad for the health of employees inside the vehicle, but also increases fuel consumption. According to Lin Wei, if the temperature of the vehicle air conditioning is set at the lowest value, the air conditioning pump will run ceaselessly, the blower will also be in the high level wind, and the fuel consumption will increase, and the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the car is too big and the people are easy to catch cold. Therefore, when setting the vehicle air conditioning temperature, it is generally set at 25 C.

It is best to add oil to seven or eight.

“ because the summer temperature is too high, the gasoline in the tank easily evaporated. Therefore, if the car owners usually drive in the urban area, there is no need to fill the tank too much, generally reaching seventy or eighty of the tank capacity is enough. Besides, the fuel tank is too full, which will cause more oil to spill and waste. ” car owner Lin Wei said: “ add seven or eight full of oil, not only reduce the volatility of gasoline, but also, because of less fuel and save some weight of the car, it is also beneficial to the oil saving. ”

Don't take a spoiler

nowadays, personalized modification is popular. Young car owners will follow suit, such as installing spoilers that are only used on cars. Sun Guoqing said that installing spoiler has a very high demand for the structure of the car and the material of the spoiler itself. Therefore, it is best not to randomly install a spoiler to a car. Improper loading can only make the car look particularly “ the eye is ” it is not useless, in addition, the drag coefficient of the car is greatly increased, the actual fuel consumption of the vehicle is increased, and the higher the speed, the more oil consumption increases.

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