Five major criteria for automobile refueling safety

Category:Automobile maintain - Date:2016-01-06
1, find professional staff or supervise them. If the owner is not in a hurry, you can ask the staff of the gas station to help fuel. If you want to help, you can ask the staff to help supervise and avoid mistakes.

2, do not use mobile phones and so on, do not dress and hair. It is very easy to generate static electricity by mobile phone and so on. In addition, it is easy to avoid static behavior caused by slapping clothes, combing with chemical fibers and combing hair.

3, discharge before refueling. The self-help refueling machine has an input information keyboard, its material is metal, and it is directly contact with the ground, the owner in the input of refueling information, the body has been carried out of the static electricity. On the part of the self service tanker, there is also a circular electrostatic releaser. The owner needs to touch the car before touching it to release the static electricity.

4, do not return to the car in the process of refueling. The car can be said to be static electricity production “ base ” if in the process of refueling back to the car, so that it will attach to static electricity again.

5, pay attention to the use of good gas gun. Before refueling, it is better to touch the gas gun in the tank and eliminate the static electricity. Secondly, when the oil is refueling, the oil gun is put into the gas port as far as possible, which can reduce the volatilization of the gasoline, which is equivalent to reducing the fire medium from the source.

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