In spring, those parts are the key maintenance objects

Category:Automobile maintain - Date:2016-01-05

In spring, it is necessary to carry out a comprehensive maintenance with a winter car. First we know that it is easy to cause car damage in winter so in spring, why can't we have a comprehensive maintenance and maintenance of the car in spring? Maybe many novice owners don't have this awareness. The old crashes are too expensive for maintenance. They are all wrong. Spring automobile maintenance It's very important to prevent many emergencies. Spring automobile maintenance where are the key parts of automobiles?

1. automotive paint: more rain in spring, acidic substances in the rain will damage the car's paint surface. We should develop the habit of washing cars and waxing after rain.

2.. Battery: check whether the working function of the battery is good, if necessary, go to the maintenance station to do the test.

3. tires: car tires are one of the most grim parts during the trip, so it is necessary to make a systematic inspection for the car tires after the trip, and it is best to make a four round position.

4. cooling system: cleaning the water jacket of the idea, clearing the scale in the cooling system, testing and adjusting the efficiency of the thermostat.

5. oil: if the oil viscosity you use now is too high, it should be changed to summer lubricating oil.

6.. Interior decoration: interior cleaning is an important job of seasonal maintenance. Clean and quiet interior decoration brings you a new look.

7.. Chassis: during the long vacation, check the chassis if there is any bruise after returning from driving, if necessary, repair it in time, and do the work of sealing and rust prevention.

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