How should we help ourselves when the car is out of order?

Category:Repair technology - Date:2018-02-25

1. High speed blowout

tire blowout is an accidental and dangerous condition at high speed, and the tire loses most of the air in a short time (less than 0.1 seconds).

1. front wheel blowout:

Must clenched the steering wheel, adjust the head, the action should be gentle, can not beat the steering wheel repeatedly, can not step on the brake, and then slow down the speed of the vehicle and then light the steering wheel. After parking smoothly, the warning triangle will be erected behind the vehicle to prevent the two accident.

2. rear wheel blowout:

the vehicle will present an unstable state, causing a slight force to make the car tend to tire on the other side. In this case, oil collection should be adopted to reduce the gear. Car Slow down. The rear wheel burst is not very dangerous, just hold the steering wheel firmly.

Two, water leakage of water tank

in the process of driving, the lack of water in the tank will cause a series of bad phenomena such as engine overheating and power loss. If it is found that there are several small leaks in the water tank (the water tank has trachoma caused by the sand eye), after stopping and cooling the engine, open the lid of the tank, break the cigarette, and crush the tobacco into the water tank, or pour the soap into the water tank, then fill the tank with water, cover the water tank and start the engine. It will not take long, the tobacco or soap will be blocked in the flow cycle of the water, temporarily to solve the problem of water tank leakage, once the condition should be repaired immediately, and need to clean the cooling system.

Three, high temperature of engine water

there are many reasons for the high water temperature, such as fan belt breakage, water tank or water pipe leakage, thermostat fault, oil leakage and so on. If the car is running away, the engine power will disappear or there will be severe knock, knock and other sounds, mostly because the engine is overheated.

when the water temperature is too high, we should decelerate first, then drive the car to the side of the road, do not rush to close the engine, otherwise it will cause some soft metals to fall off, and even cause the cylinder. Do not pour cold water into the engine when cooling down. This may cause the engine block to burst due to sudden cooling. The correct way is to wear gloves, add a multi folded wet cloth on the cover of the water tank, and gently unscrew the lid of the water tank, so that the water vapor is slowly discharged, and the water tank pressure is reduced, and the cooling water or antifreeze is supplemented.

Four. Brake failure

After the brake failure, the brake can be made with the hand brake, but it should be manipulated properly, not to pull the hand brake. Otherwise, the hand brake will cause the wire rope to be too hard to break, so that the hand brake is invalid or the rear wheel of the vehicle is locked out, and the vehicle is easily out of control.

the right way is to slowly pull up the handbrake, tighten, release, tighten and release several times to slow down the vehicle. It should be noted that the handle of the handle should be pressed when the handle of the hand brake is pressed, so that the handle can be operated freely in the process of tightening and relaxing, and the hand brake is locked when the handle is tightened.

in addition, manual stop can also be stopped by forced deceleration and deceleration. Specific practice is: directly hang into the two gear, and then loose the throttle, lift the clutch, then the vehicle will have a feeling of quick brake like, and then hang into a gear, at this time the door can be shut off, the use of engine cylinder compression of the vehicle to stop the car.

if there is a brake failure in some dangerous sections such as downhill, to prevent further expansion of the danger, the roadside debris, grass heaps, trenches, groves, rocks and other obstacles can be used to stop the vehicle.

Five, oil tank accidental oil leakage

When we travel in the field or on an abnormal Road, if we accidentally bump into the oil tank and cause oil leakage, and the distance from the repair place is very far, we can take the following method to rescue ourselves urgently:

After chewing gum, paste the residue in the oil tank oil leakage part, because the gum dry after drying can tightly plug the oil drops, play an urgent role.

Six, the clutch can not be separated

If the clutch is separated from the clutch, the clutch can not be hung, it is very likely that the clutch pump is leaking. If it is not convenient to call the trailer, we can use the following method to get out of the trap.

the clutch can not be separated at the start of.1. vehicle

Close the engine before starting, and then hang the first gear (the front wheel angle is the same as the forward direction). After confirming the obstacle ahead, release the parking brake, start the key switch until the engine work (properly step down a bit of gas, but not too big). In this process, the starting opportunity directly drives the vehicle to walk, and when the engine starts, we should immediately release the key starting gear and slowly step on the throttle to change into the next gear. If the vehicle is on the way up, it should try to turn around or slide down the bottom and start again.

the clutch can not be separated when.2. shift

Before shifting, we have to speed up the throttle to a little faster than the usual gear speed. When the accelerator pedal is loosened, it is necessary to push the shift lever back to the empty position immediately. It is difficult to push the shift lever early or late. The upper gear can be hung directly, for example, the engine speed is not high enough, and the engine speed is not high enough. The engine speed is elevated, the engine is loosened immediately after the throttle is loosened.

Seven. Temporary oil substitute

temporary purchase of soybean oil or peanut oil can be temporarily purchased if there is insufficient oil alarm during long distance driving and oil is not available. You should change the oil immediately after you get to the repair shop, otherwise you will leave a lot of coke.

Eight, brake warning lights

if we encounter the brake warning light in the long distance, it means that the brake fluid level is not enough, and the brake system may leak. At this time, we must not continue driving. We must buy brake oil in time. If the brake oil can not be bought because of the environmental factors, a high number of liquor can be bought for temporary replacement. It will not affect the brake effect, but it can not brake frequently. After emergency, it should be immediately opened to the repair plant.

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