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purchase tax is calculated at the original price instead of the transaction price; the selling car is like selling vegetables, the price is arbitrarily chopped; compulsory selling insurance … … Car4S store The original impression is regular sales, reliable and reliable, though two. Dealers Expensive, customer buy a car or prefer to go to 4S store. Reporters investigated a number of car 4S stores, found many phenomena of rip off, now list the three most common tricks, please explain to the industry, let consumers see the move.

The purchase tax earns thousands more at the original price.

in the last few months, Liu Xing wanted to change his car into a luxury car. I heard that a brand 5S shop in Guangzhou has just opened and offers a discount.

“ the car price is 8% off, but other charges are unreasonable. ” Liu Xing told a reporter that the purchase tax should have been divided by the car transaction price, but the store was divided by the official quotation of the car. “ the official price of my car is 459 thousand and 600 yuan, after the discount is 422 thousand yuan, the purchase tax should be charged 36 thousand yuan, but the 5S shop is 459 thousand and 600 yuan divided by 11.7 to collect the purchase tax 39 thousand yuan. ” in the end, Liu Xing chose to go to the tax bureau and pay less than 3000 yuan.

in the shop where Liu Xing complained, the reporter consulted the price of a luxury car in detail. Sales staff quote to reporters: the body is 459 thousand and 600 yuan, the preferential price is 439 thousand and 600 yuan, and the purchase tax is 39282 yuan. Reporters observed that the purchase tax sales personnel of the vehicle were directly turned over to check out the data book. The reporter calculated that 39282 times 11.7 was 459 thousand and 600 yuan, which was the original price.

when reporters questioned the purchase tax, sales personnel said that the purchase tax of the shop was based on the original price of the vehicle body rather than the final transaction price.

The purchase tax is calculated according to the invoice value

reporters understand that the vehicle purchase tax is taxable at 10% after the price is removed from the value-added tax. The invoice price is divided by 1.17 and multiplied by 10%.

insiders, Avon told reporters that the purchase price of the original tax to do divisor, is the way many car dealers kill people, do not know the consumer is very easy to be fooled. Hundreds of thousands of cars can be easily moved, so that thousands of Yuan's income can be increased.

Number two:

When the price is cut down at will, there is a discount as soon as possible.

reporter survey found that customers can buy a car at 4S shop and bargain with salesmen. In a brand 5S shop, salesmen say a luxury car can be 20 thousand yuan cheaper. When the reporter haggled again, the salesperson said that he could apply for a discount to the manager if he ordered immediately. As for how much more it can be folded, the sales staff did not want to disclose because the reporter did not agree to make the order immediately.

in a brand 4S shop, the reporter points to a luxury double door coupe for sales staff. Sales personnel said that the original price of the body was 538 thousand yuan, and the preferential price was 498 thousand yuan. When the reporter asked the salesperson to apply for a discount again, the salesman turned to the computer to inquire, and then told the reporter that the car had cash in stock in Dongguan wharf warehouse, so it could be 20 thousand yuan cheaper, and 478 thousand yuan could be sold. The salesperson also explained: “ there are more discount on spot cars, and we do not want too much stock. ”

in another store, when a reporter asked the salesperson how much it could be cheaper, the salesperson replied to over 10 thousand yuan. Reporters continue to ask specific figures, the salesman thought for a while before answering 15 thousand yuan. When the journalist asked the manager to give a discount, the salesperson said, &ldquo, the manager is almost the same price. ”

Buying a car Do a lot of homework before.

the selling price of different regions is different. The price of 4S stores in the same area is different, depending entirely on supply and demand.

according to the introduction, the 4S store in Guangzhou has year-end return points. If we reach the target sales task, the manufacturers will be able to get substantial returns. As a result, some 4S stores paste in the profits to fulfill their tasks or even sell at a loss.

before buying a car, consumers must do their homework and take a few more stores to compare prices and then haggle.

Number three:

There is a deviation in the price of the insurance bundled sales

4S stores usually ask consumers to buy insurance in the shop for various reasons, even with compulsion. Liu Xing told reporters that not only the purchase tax is unreasonable, but also the 5S shop has the terms of the overlord, asking for insurance to be bought in their shop, and the full insurance offer is 14000 yuan. And later we learned that the same insurance coverage was one thousand yuan cheaper outside the insurance company.

reporters at a brand 5S shop asked whether the insurance could be bought outside, and the salesperson said: “ in principle, No. ” the sale also gave reasons: “ in the shop to buy a guarantee, out of danger 100% claims, import accessories can also be claimed, the benefit is still customers. ” sales staff also admit that not in the store may be cheap: “ although in the outside to buy insurance, price will have a small deviation, but the amount of claims is six or seven, the middle difference should be made up for themselves. ”

while in a brand 4S store, sales personnel are more forthright to say that buying a car gives full insurance.

However, insiders say that the price of wool is not enough for consumers to pay, but the insurance is equivalent to bundling sales. “ if the 4S store really wants to deliver, it is better to reduce the price directly. ”

4S stores can also cut prices for insurance

insurance is one of the criteria for manufacturers to evaluate 4S stores, which is related to their return points and their after-sales service performance. Therefore, salesmen will constantly flee customers to buy insurance. In fact, the same kind of insurance is the same for the same company.

Alvin suggests that consumers should pretend to be knowledgeable and 4S stores can even bargain. “ because 4S store is willing to sacrifice its return to complete the insurance task. ”

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