In the rainy season, it is easy to dirty cars, wash cars without water, save money and save energy a

Category:Automobile maintain - Date:2018-02-14

nowadays, there are more and more car owners, and the demand for car washing has increased rapidly. Reporters have never heard from the industry that their business is good. Entrepreneurs may consider the possibility of washing cars without water.

Water free car washing is a kind of cleaning method combined with chemical cleaning and physical cleaning, and the professional cleaning agent of neutral pH value is used directly for cleaning the wax. The whole process of washing the car does not need water to wash, and there is no sewage discharge. Two workers can finish the operation of a car's exterior paint part in 10 minutes.

Mr. Liu, who is engaged in the development of the Anhydrous car wash project, told reporters that at present, a &ldquo can only be set up at 5000 yuan; &rdquo, an anhydrous car wash shop. It is mainly necessary to purchase some equipment, including a car wash machine, some plastic hoses and sprinklers, and related vehicle maintenance products. Compared with the market price of 10 yuan ~30 yuan for the traditional high pressure water gun, the cost of water free car washing is about 1 yuan per time, but the market price can be fixed to 10 yuan per time, so the operating profit space of the project is very large.

Examples are as follows: according to the car owner's 15 car washing and 120 yuan monthly car washing, a large community with nearly a thousand cars will have an income of 36 thousand yuan per month as long as 300 customers are developed. So as long as the site is appropriate and more hard work is paid, investors will be able to recover the investment quickly and make a quick profit (the above data is only for reference).

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