Hundreds of telephone complaints Sagitar automatic transmission collective oil leakage?

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“ automatic transmission oil seeping ” has become a puzzling problem in some of China's fast car owners. Since last year, it has experienced &ldquo, stall &rdquo, and “ the rear brake pump oil leaking ” the air wave Volkswagen new car, is there a real quality problem? Can manufacturers respond more quickly to consumer complaints?

for consumers in Jiangsu Wu, his 2006 July purchase of Sagitar has become a trouble. As the automatic transmission of the new car continues to appear &ldquo, oil seepage ” phenomenon, he has been with the 4S shop and FAW Volkswagen frequent negotiation, but so far has not been given a definite answer.

According to the "Financial Times", it is known by the financial times that automatic transmission is not an individual phenomenon. Only about 50 consumers have the same problem; more than 20 of them have provided specific information. They are going to collective complaints, to recall the possible defect of FAW Volkswagen jetta.

Collective oil seepage of automatic transmission

A consumer of Wu surname to Su EGR210 said that he bought a 2 automatic gearbox, because in the network, the consumer mentioned the problem of oil seepage in the automatic transmission, so in October 11, 2006, the automatic transmission was inspected to the 4S store for the first time, and the result was found. There is large area of oil sludge on the surface, but it should not exist under normal circumstances.

at that time, the staff had rinsed the surface of the automatic transmission, and let him check again in two months, that is, in December 11th.

But only after more than 10 days, Wu found that the sludge on the surface of the automatic transmission was again worrying.

Until the middle of December, the 4S store gave Wu Moufa a notice at last, let him go to the free “ beat the glue ” but the warranty period was not extended, and told him that this was the manufacturer's final treatment. However, the problem of why the automatic transmission is oozing is still not explained by the other party.

But about half a month after the glue, Wu once again found the stain of the size of the thumb nail on the surface of the automatic transmission, which made him suspicious of the reliability of the measure.

Before and after, he made more than 10 calls to the FAW Volkswagen's service hotline, and more than 10 times to find the 4S store, but no one told him why the automatic transmission would leak oil.

Wu sent his experience to the Internet and responded to dozens of consumers everywhere in a short period of time, and they said the same thing happened to them.

According to the Guangdong consumer introduction of the license plate number for Guangdong X26842, his car was bought at the end of October last year. When the oil was changed about 2500 kilometers, the oil was found in the automatic transmission. It was cleaned at that time, but when it was made to &ldquo at 7500 kilometers, it was found that it was still &rdquo when it was first insured. It has been running for 9000 kilometers, but it hasn't been processed yet. He is waiting for the notice from 4S store.

Up to hundreds of complaints

According to the "Financial Times" reporter, in addition to a 1.6 automatic gear consumers, the rest of the consumers are 1.8T hand self or 2 automatic users; their problems are automatic transmission of oil, this is a common problem. The FAW Volkswagen area has not yet been processed, or is taking the way of glue, but has not committed to extend the warranty period.

When the "Financial Times" reporter learned about the service department of FAW Volkswagen, a female staff member said that there were many complaints about the speed of the automatic transmission of oil, and hundreds of complaints were received.

At the same time, FAW Volkswagen also confirmed the problems reflected in the above Guangdong and Jiangsu consumers, and the speed of their purchase did exist in the automatic transmission.

what puzzles the consumers is why the automatic transmission causes oil leakage. FAW Volkswagen has never made a clear answer.

&ldquo. If glue is only a problem, it should have been solved long ago, but why is the new car coming out there? ” a consumer thinks that the way of glue is not understood.

&ldquo. Manufacturers have not explained the cause of oil leakage, which makes us feel very uncomfortable. ” Sichuan one consumer said, professional analysis, speed automatic transmission may have quality problems. This made him feel very nervous. He was worried that there would be problems in driving safety.

When the "Financial Times" reporter interviewed Wang Feng, the manager of the Volkswagen Market Department of FAW by telephone, the other party said it was not clear and suggested that the reporter find the after-sales service department.

The reporter then called the 400 service hotline of FAW Volkswagen to inquire about the cause of oil seepage in the automatic transmission, but the other party said it was a technical problem. It should be asked to ask the 4S store, and when the phone came to a 4S shop in Beijing, the other party said that the question was to be asked by the public.

Many consumers also say that in the FAW Volkswagen and the 4S store, they are confronted with this kind of kicking style answer, which makes them dissatisfied.

Li Gongqing, director of the vehicle test room of the national car quality supervision and inspection center, said in an interview with the financial times that the automatic transmission oil seepage is due to poor sealing, and it can not be considered as a serious quality problem. If the oil is only very slight, it will not have a bad effect on the use, but if the quantity of the oil is much more, it will affect the performance and life of the automatic transmission.

The Financial Times reporter also telephoned the State Quality Inspection Administration's defective product management center, hoping to understand the information about the rapid oozing of oil, but one of the staff responsible for automobile product complaints said that it would not be interviewed on this issue at the moment.

She initiated a recall of the signature

for consumers who experience oil leakage problems, they always hope that FAW can explain the problem of oil leakage. However, this requirement has not been satisfied. Many consumers have been waiting for a long time and have not yet processed opinions.

because consumers feel the voice is hard to get attention, these consumers are united to try to speak in a common voice. The combined consumers are not only more powerful, but also expose the problem to a more thorough level, so it is hard for manufacturers to act as &ldquo as before, and &rdquo in black box.

In the net name of “ long Czech ” under the consumer organization, more than 50 quick oozing oil consumers follow the Dongfeng Honda CR-V driver, and began to draft a public letter for the recall of the FAW Volkswagen. In order to facilitate the recall, they are counting and sorting out all the consumer's engine number and frame number, and intend to submit it to the QSIQ's defective product management center in a collective way. Previously, dozens of consumers have been registered in the case of Sagitar oil leakage online auto recall.

“ we must unite as a weakling. Maybe our strength is very small in front of enterprises, but let them see our confidence and determination in safeguarding rights. ” Long Jie said.

according to his introduction, he worried that the oil leakage of automatic transmission would cause safety worries. He had deliberately consulted the car recall network. Auto recalling network experts reply to this: &ldquo, the automatic transmission will affect the performance and service life of the automatic transmission if the oil seepage problem exists for a long time. ”

After giving this reply to other consumers, many oil - oozing consumers say that because the price of the automatic transmission is up to tens of thousands of yuan, they do not want to spend the money, so it is very supportive of the campaign.

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