There are 7 ways to eliminate air pollution

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many consumers reflect that new cars, especially those used in car interior decoration, have a &ldquo and a peculiar smell &rdquo. Little is known about this &ldquo, smell &rdquo, which is what experts often say about air pollution inside cars. Many people think that &ldquo, new cars usually smell, and &rdquo after a while. As a matter of fact, it is precisely the fact that many consumers are not in the right place to realize their own health problems.

for this reason, we remind consumers that we should start with details and eliminate the peculiar smell in the bud stage. The new car should pay attention to prevent insolation, because high temperature will promote the evaporation of organic pollutants in the vehicle. Air conditioning and other cleaning should be carried out regularly to avoid accumulation of pollutants. Keep ventilation in a better section of the air. In addition, the use of professional vehicle air purifier is also a good choice.

Ventilation Law -- Nature

Since you buy a new car, you will open the door, remove the odor in the car, and open the windows and doors at ordinary times, so as to exchange the air inside and outside the car as soon as possible so that the volatilization of the harmful gases in the car will be released as soon as possible. When you smoke in the car, you must also open the windows or skylights and let go of the smell of smoke.

if the bacteria in the air duct may cause odor, the use of air conditioning duct cleaner can remove bacteria in the air duct to a certain extent. When the car is cleaned, the outside circulation switch is opened after the car is stopped in a good air environment. The air conditioner is opened to the natural gas shift gear. Then the cleaning agent is evenly sprayed into the air duct by the air outlet. After a few minutes, the air conditioner is opened and the air conditioning is completely ventilated. This cleaning method is suitable for short time polluted air duct, and has little effect on long time unclean vehicles.

the bamboo charcoal method is very scientific

bamboo charcoal can adsorb odors emitted from cars and other odors. It can also work with these peculiar smell “ long term combat &rdquo, and the effect is better. The owner can buy some bamboo charcoal and wrap it in clean, breathable gauze, then put it in the corner of the trunk or back seat. Of course, many charcoal charcoal stores now have ready to use car deodorized bamboo charcoal, and the price is not expensive. This method is feasible.

Fruit Law -- sweet

Orange, grapefruit, apple, lemon, pineapple, these flavors are strong and pleasant. We can put several fruits in one basket, put it in a car, and use it alone. Especially, it can be cut to make the fruit aroma fully play out, and the taste will disappear in the invisible. We should also note that after a certain period of time, the fruit will be thrown away after the water is released. This method is good and cheap.

Purifier - a little expensive

if you are willing to spend money and buy an air purifier, everything will be solved. 100 yuan to 1000 yuan, perhaps the more expensive the better.

PB deodorization system -- high tech

This system uses the latest environment-friendly and environment-friendly disinfectant popularized by the WHO to sterilize the automobile air conditioning pipes and vehicles, so as to eradicate the root of the odor.

The odor method is also feasible

Use vinegar and onion. Take a small bucket of water, add some vinegar, put it in the car, try several times, and the smell will gradually disappear. The reason is that water can adsorb formaldehyde, and vinegar can play a role in stabilizing formaldehyde. In the same way, cut a few slices of onion into the basin, stir them and put them in the car.

Perfume Law -- romance

If the smell in the car is not very serious, the use of a little perfume, is to put a bottle, also have a romantic feeling, such as Lancome's miracle, Anna Sui Paris lover, addidas fruit rhyme, they all have the same feature is fruit aroma, sweet.

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Where does the interior pollution come from

the causes of the air pollution in the car include the release of the harmful substances in the automobile parts and the interior decoration materials, the entry of the pollutants into the car and the pollution of the car's own emission into the interior of the vehicle.

The release of harmful substances contained in automotive parts and interior decoration materials, including the volatile components, such as organic solvents, additives, additives, etc. contained in the plastic and rubber components, fabrics, paint coatings, insulation materials, adhesives and other materials used by automobiles, is released to the vehicle environment during the use of automobiles. Cause air pollution in the car. Pollutants mainly include benzene, toluene, formaldehyde, hydrocarbons, halogenated hydrocarbons, etc. the materials released from vehicle materials are the main sources of bad smell inside the vehicles. According to the survey, in 1990s, the average amount of plastic used in China was only 14 to 28 kilograms per car, while the developed countries were 100 to 130 kg / car in the same period. With the progress of material technology and the demand to reduce the weight of car, the amount of automobile plastics was increasing. At present, the amount of plastic has been close to 80 kg / vehicle, and the amount of adhesive is also 5 to 27 kg / vehicle.

two. Pollutants outside the vehicle enter the vehicle. If the seal is not strict, pollutants from the external environment will enter the vehicle environment, causing air pollution inside the vehicle. Pollutants are mainly hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, particulate matter and so on.

Three, the vehicle's own emission of pollutants into the internal environment, including the exhaust pipes, crankcase, fuel evaporation and other ways to discharge pollutants, or the accumulation of dirt in the air duct after the long-term use of automotive air conditioning on the air pollution in the car. Pollutants are mainly hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, microorganisms, benzene, olefin, aromatic hydrocarbons and so on.

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