Must see - teach you how to skillfully repair the fault of EFI engine

Category:Automobile engine repair - Date:2017-12-26

1, driving rod can not be pulled out of P

the.AL4 automatic transmission can not pull out of the driving lever from the P gear, when it is not on the other gear, the car can not move, the driver will be very annoyed. Of course, driving a joystick with a hard hand is of no use. An ingenious method of pulling the joystick: how to extend the service life of the engine distribution mechanism to the turbocharged intake system of the engine

A, short switch brake light switch input and output end;

B, with large screwdriver inserted into the latch, unplug the electromagnet, and quickly pull out the pole.

C, disassemble the central glove box, pull the armature core of the lock driver directly, and pull the shift lever to “ N” file.

of course, there is a premise to eliminate this fault, that is, the brake lights are not effective after stepping on the brake pedal. Such as &ldquo on the dashboard; SPT” “ *” the light flashing may be the damage of the automatic transmission computer or prevent the start relay from damaging, and the transmission lever cannot be pulled out of the above method.

2, method of removing gas resistance

the gas resistance of the fuel supply system of the electric spray car will also occur. Except for the design reasons, the oil tank and the tubing near the high temperature zone are easy to have gas resistance, and the traditional cooling method of cold water and cold rag should be eliminated. Other electronic fuel injection vehicles will also produce air resistance, such as Fukang (quote picture parameters), the electronic fuel injection vehicle suddenly stalls in the road, and can not start again.

At this time, we should open the electric door, start several times, use the oil basin to catch the disassembled car filter outlet oil, until the foam gasoline is discharged, tighten the oil pipe. At the same time, it will tell you, don't press the white button inside the tank, let the tank fill the oil, so that the gas tank is not discharged. This kind of fault is most likely to occur in a full tank taxi.

3, methods to prevent inundation

Fukang car is speeding up in the rainstorm and prone to flooding. The reason is that the suction port is located in the front and bottom of the water tank mask. The splashing mud is easy to suck the cylinder from the suction port through the air filter, resulting in flooding the cylinder and damaging the cylinder block. At the same time, due to the structural characteristics of Fukang car in the northern part of the dust storm, the dust is also easy to enter the air filter from the suction port and cause blockage and flameout.

emergency method: in sandstorm weather, dust removal from air filter element should be frequently removed, and the suction port can also be turned to side effectively. In heavy rain days, we should control the speed and choose the road surface and not flood the pool. If the rainstorm is persistent, simply remove the suction pipe from the end of the air filter and install it after the fine weather. It can effectively avoid the accident of flooding and tamping.

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