Car experts frequently asked questions about engine failure

Category:Automobile engine repair - Date:2017-12-26

The engine shakes

car advocate: my car advocate: my car has modified the intake and exhaust, the engine shivering in the morning cold car, and there is a sudden sound, the water temperature is much better, sometimes the low speed will be flameout, the friend said that the computer needs to upgrade after the modification, because the ignition time is not the same before, how should experts solve it?

expert visits: the vehicles that have been converted to ECU have different fuel injection and ignition time, so they can not guarantee the stability as the original vehicle. However, if there is a cold car shake, it is recommended to check whether the cylinder is missing and whether the water temperature signal is normal.

Auto engine acceleration

car owner Mr. Li: my car is running, and the engine automatically accelerates after removing gear. What is the reason?

Expert diagnosis: the analysis of the cause of the failure may be the throttle of the door is too dirty, cause the idle motor failure closure is not strict, it is suggested to clean the throttle, check whether the hose is connected.

Replace the hub

Mr. Ma: my car, the original size of the tyre is 185/60R14, I want to change it to 205/50R16 or 205/45R16 tire, I wonder if I can change it. I heard that changing wheel hub is also related to ET value. I wonder if this is true.

Expert diagnosis: Tire modification is generally to increase the width of the tire, can not be installed, it is necessary to see if the new hub is installed, whether it affects the steering and whether it affects the suspension. Advice to a professional modification shop.

Stop trembling

Mr. Zheng: my car, the car has recently appeared in the driving or on the brake temporary parking, the car trembles, the exhaust pipe vibrate, the sound of flapping, the engine is weak, the car can not speed up the condition of the car. What is the reason for this?

Expert visits: according to the description of the owner of the car, it may be a lack of cylinder, and can check if there is air leakage after the cylinder pressure, ignition, and injection.

The engine has noise

Mr. car owner: when my car has recently opened air conditioning, when the gear is in the 1, 2, 3, 4 gear position, the engine will make an approximate tearing noise if the speed is more than 2000. It is similar to the sound that the engine makes at the red line speed, and the sound sound is getting bigger and bigger. What's the matter, please?

expert visits: there are two possible reasons: first, the aging of the air-conditioning compressor belt; two, the abnormal noise inside the air-conditioning compressor or the loosening of the fixed bolts. It is recommended that the condenser of the water tank should be cleaned first and then checked one by one.

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