Santana 2000GSI air flow meter misreporting air intake fault

Category:Fault example - Date:2015-12-26

Failure phenomenon:

when the cold car is normal, the heating car is slightly jitter, and the jitter increases at idle speed, and with the phenomenon of traveling car, the pointer of the tachometer is obviously swaying up and down.


use the decoder to detect the on-board computer, read the fault code, and do not store the fault code.

Observe the read data block, display group 002, the data in the.2 area show 3.6ms, which indicates that the engine load is too large, and the intake air flow in the 4 zone is above 5.1g/s, which means that the intake volume is too large. In observation 007, the voltage in the 2 zone is always at 0.82V, indicating that the mixture is too thick at idle speed. When accelerating, the change of sensor voltage between 0.1~0.90 indicates that it accelerates normal.

remove the spark plug check and blacken the top of the spark plug, indicating the mixture gas concentration. Using the ignition timing gun to detect the high pressure line, the 3 cylinder broken fire was found, the 3 cylinder line and the 4 cylinder line were exchanged, the 3 cylinder and the 4 cylinder were broken, indicating that the high pressure line had problems; the high pressure line was changed, the 2 cylinder and the 3 cylinder were also broken, the cylinder lines of the 1 and 2 cylinders were exchanged, the 3 cylinder and the 4 cylinder line were exchanged, and the 2 cylinder and 3 cylinder were remeasured with the ignition timing gun; and the 3 cylinder was also broken by the ignition timing gun. It shows that there is something wrong with the high-voltage line package. A new high voltage coil is retested, or it is still broken. It has been changed to the third ignition section until it is normal.

it needs to be explained that the product quality is not guaranteed, which often causes trouble for the repair car.

after changing the high-voltage line and the high voltage line package, the vehicle's idle speed is reduced, but the problem of the traveling car is not solved, and the pointer of the tachometer is swaying up and down.
remove the spark plug and check the top of the spark plug or carbon black.

According to the previous data flow detection and the existing phenomenon analysis: it is suspected that the air flow meter has a problem, changing a new air flow meter, the car has not been solved. Read the data stream in 002 groups, and the 2 area shows 3.1ms. The above indicates that the engine load is too large, and the 4 zone air flow meter is more than 5.0g/s, showing that the voltage of the oxygen sensor when the oxygen sensor is idle is 007, and the voltage of the oxygen sensor is changed between the 0.1~0.9V and the 0.85V when the oxygen sensor is idle. After analysis, it is possible that the computer has problems, and a new computer has been changed to test the car after the match, and it is found that the applause still exists, and the data of the above groups are not fundamentally changed.

When the car repaired into the deadlock, it was found that the more unstable the idle speed was when the temperature of the vehicle was higher, the more serious the car was, the more rapid acceleration was accompanied by the obvious improvement of the car conditions after the cold car, such as the blasting, the detonation, and so on. According to this situation, the water temperature sensor was detected by multimeter, and no major problems were found. However, according to the phenomenon, the water temperature sensor was changed.

This change is certainly the Liu bank Hua Ming, after the test car cool car, the idle state does not shake, the temperature rises after the car does not swim, the tachometer is also stable, rapid acceleration does not fire and detonation. The data block display group 002, 2 area display more than 3.1ms, 4 zone air flow meter 5.1g/s above, display group 007, 2 area display 0.85V above, acceleration input sensor voltage 0.1~0.9V. Remove the spark plug and spark plug at the top of the mixed gas is still black, or strong. After analysis, it is doubtful that the air flowmeter is defective. Because of the problem of changing 3 ignition lines in front of the car, we borrowed a same type of car, dismantled the air flow meter for the car and changed it to the car. After the temperature was normal, 002 sets of data blocks were read by Yi Netcom.2 area shows 1.9~2.1ms between 4 regions 2.3~3.1g/s, showing group 007, 2 area changes in 0.1~0.9. The above 3 sets of data are expressed in the standard range According to this test result, change an air flow meter, but until the fourth air flow time, the test data only conform to the standard, after the driver has been running for a period of time, the vehicle fuel consumption reached 8 liters per hundred kilometers. After repairing this car, we remind our colleagues that we should not be deceived by inferior products after repair. It is easy to believe that the new car will cause chaos for our train repair.

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