Troubleshooting of engine sudden extinguishing when braking

Category:Automobile engine repair - Date:2017-11-14

at first, the driver thought that the brake was too strong and the engine and the gearbox were not separated in time. But later, when the vehicle started in situ, the engine could not operate normally, and it was easy to stall.

Troubleshooting: according to the above phenomenon, the maintenance personnel judge that the engine is idle. According to engine idle speed adjustment, when the engine speed reaches 1800r/min, stable operation can be achieved, and the engine will gradually extinguish when the engine speed is lower than 1800r/min. Subsequently, we checked the CO concentration adjustment screw and found no abnormalities. According to past experience, the maintenance personnel have tested the ignition system and the fuel supply system, and have not found any abnormalities. Finally, we tested the control current of idle speed stabilizing valve and found that its value is 400±, 30mA, standard value 430±, 30mA small 30mA. The idle speed stabilisation valve is replaced and the idle speed and CO speed adjusting screw are retested. The engine idling speed is stable at 800r/min, and the idle speed is normal after the fire is extinguished.

Cause analysis: the role of idling stable valve is mainly stable idle speed, and the damage of the idle speed stabilisation valve directly causes the idle speed to not be controlled by the control valve and can not keep the normal work. The failure of this case tells us that in the process of eliminating the failure of the EFI engine, it is not only to analyze the conventional maintenance experience, but also to the characteristics of the electric spray car, and to test the related control mechanism and the corresponding parts pertinent to prevent the damage and waste caused by human factors.

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