Burn the engine carefully and start trouble diagnosis

Category:Automobile engine repair - Date:2017-10-23

In the recent period, many owners reflect that their car starts difficult, oil consumption is too high, the climb is weak, or after a few days, the key can not start at all, and the key does not return to the ON position after a fire. For the owners of these situations, Modern Car Lu Jingen, a maintenance service expert, made a diagnosis.

Case - ignition start up to N times

Mr. Peng is a businessman who usually drives on fire. Every time I get on the train, I insert the key, rotate it in place, and start the ignition. Recently, he found that it was more difficult to start the car, and it needed several times to start fire. Sometimes, outside the business, the car is in the garage for a long time, and it needs more time to fight. Even after the success of the start-up, it felt that the power was lower than before, and felt softer on the ramp. After removing the air conditioning and affecting the power factor, he suspected that there was something wrong with the engine and sent it to the car.4S store to repair several times, maintenance personnel have not found anything wrong.

expert diagnosis: the problem lies in the way of key fire. Most people are used to inserting keys to fire immediately. In fact, this is not correct. Even the popular one button start system can not fire immediately, otherwise it will damage the engine.

This is because the engine is still in a cooling state, especially for a car with longer parking time. The operating parameters of the engine are completely different from the thermal state of the previous day. Each sensor needs to be readjusted. If a key is put into the key, the engine's operating parameters are abnormal raw data and will be started. Failure or multiple startup failed. Even if the startup is successful, the fuel consumption will be too high or the engine will overheat. Because of the automatic memory function of the computer, the wrong data will cover the original correct data for a long time, and eventually lead to weak failure of climbing, high oil consumption, serious carbon accumulation, and overheating of the engine. And this kind of fault is difficult to find and judge, even if overhauling the engine can not rule out the fault.

The correct method of firing is to insert the key to ACC stop, wait for about 2-3 seconds, let the main power relay contact contact firmly, make the first part of the electric device electrified; continue to turn the key to ON, stop waiting for 6-10 seconds, let the oil pump relay in, wait for each sensor to adjust the state to end Then, turn the key to START and return to ON after the engine runs continuously. Under the guidance of the computer, the best position and optimum parameters are automatically adjusted, and the engine is successfully started at the end. However, for temporary or short time after parking, you can stop without stopping. You just need to observe the yellow signal lights on the dashboard, and then you can start quickly.

The key is broken.

inserting the key of the car, however, was unable to move. Speaking of this, Miss Li, the owner of the car, was depressed. According to her, last Thursday, when she drove to the garage, she inserted the key but was unable to move. Because there was an urgent need to meet an important customer, the car could not be locked, so he had to call the customer to apologize first, and then call for help and make it embarrassing.

expert diagnosis: this can not be turned with the steering wheel. It is necessary to retreat in order to twist the key and turn it in the opposite direction. Therefore, if the key is not rotated, do not force it to twist. It can be easily solved by turning the steering wheel and turning the key at the same time.

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