The garage was accused of repairing the engine and refused to acknowledge it

Category:Automobile engine repair - Date:2017-10-23

“ the car was opened for repair, but it was repaired by the engine block and completely repaired. ” yesterday morning, Mr. Shi told reporters that at the beginning of the year six of the car bodywork of his own car body jitter to send to the Xiang Mei Road of the car family repair factory, the result in the process of repair and test, heard a noise after the engine was broken, after the maintenance factory refused to admit, the car has been stopped in the maintenance plant.

“ originally going4S store repair, but because the new year was not open, then went to the car maintenance plant. ” Mr. Chen told reporters that the first two years of ignition found the body jitter, the sixth of the first six sent to the love car repair factory repair, at that time the car repair master thought there was no spark plug work, at that time the maintenance yard warehouse has no same type of spark plug, for this purpose, another car to repair the fire plug is removed and installed on the car test. “ the repair teacher hit the throttle after three or four seconds, when the engine suddenly heard the engine get out of ‘ clack ’ the noise, and saw the installed spark plug to smoke black smoke. ”

Mr. Chen said that the maintenance worker rushed out of the car after checking out and found that there was a leak in the engine block and then hurried to his superior. On the second day, the maintenance plant gave three solutions, one is the repair of the broken engine, the two is to buy the old engine maintenance, and the third is to replace the new engine, but the maintenance plant says the price is expensive and it is not worth it. For the solution, Mr. Chen agrees with the third plan. If the price is too high, he will be willing to take part.

The reporter accompanied Mr. Chen to the maintenance plant. The person in charge acknowledged that the engine cylinder block broke up in the maintenance process, but the responsibility was not in the maintenance plant. At that time, it was only tested for the ignition coil, which had nothing to do with the hardware problem of the cylinder block rupture, and this kind of matter was rare. At the same time, the person in charge said that the owner of the car could ask the third party organization to test the responsibility, or to take legal channels.

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