What is the introduction of all steel radial radial tire

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what is the development of TBR tire?

as early as 1913, Gray and Gray (Sloper) proposed the concept of radial tire structure and applied for a patent. However, they mistakenly put the crossed steel wire bundles under the carcass cord and failed to achieve the desired results.

In the early 30s of this century, the French Michelin (Michelin) company first developed and produced steel wire tilted tires, although it is not a modern concept of radial tire, but accumulated more than 10 years of steel cord and steel tire development experience. It laid the foundation for wire drawing, steel cord manufacturing, rubber and steel wire bonding, steel cord calendering process and equipment technology. The most important thing is to invent a steel cord belt with small deformation and large steel, and a high precision radial tire molding machine and complete forming process. Therefore, it was not until 1948 that it was called “ X” the steel belt of tire and the radial tire of fiber matrix were officially published. Later, in 1953, all steel truck radial tire was developed.

the full steel radial truck tire produced by the French Michelin Co is warmly welcomed by the Western European auto company. Italy Fiat motor company requires Italy Pileri (Pirelli) company to provide radial tires, otherwise they will turn to the Michelin Co's meridian tires. In order not to lose the long-term cooperative user of Fiat Co, Pileri has to develop radial tire as soon as possible. In 1955, the Italy tyre company invented the radial tire. After several years, by the beginning of 60s, Pileri also developed the all steel radial truck tire.

the advent of radial tire has shown great superiority compared with the bias tire. Therefore, radial tire development in Western Europe is the earliest and fastest. As early as 1972, France was almost 100% meridian, and by the end of 1989, the tire market in Western Europe had been 100% meridian.

the development of radial tire in the United States lagged behind Western Europe. When the radial tire of Western Europe was introduced to the United States, the superior performance of radial tire was quickly recognized. However, in order to produce radial tire, most of the production equipment for the tilted tire should be replaced, and the investment is great, and the tire manufacturers do not want to lose the old equipment of the tilted tire. They only want to make up and make up and make a complement on the basis of the tilted tire. Therefore, in the middle and late 60s, in the middle and late 60s, the United States developed a kind of beam with oblique tires, that is, a steel cord with a beam layer, and the fetal body still uses fiber to cross the matrix, in order to replace the radial tire, but the technical performance of the tire with a beam is not as good as that of the radial tire, which satisfies the requirements of the automobile industry and the users, especially the requirements of the automobile industry and the users. Unable to adapt to the development of the highway and the surge in oil prices, until 1972, the major tire companies in the United States were determined to make a big effort to develop radial tires.

Japan imported large quantities of radial tire production technology and key equipment from Western Europe in 1966. Because the country is determined to be big, the major tire companies are willing to invest, so they turn around very quickly. In the case of only 0.5% of the Japanese radial tire production at that time, the production of car radial tires in 1978 reached 54.9% in 10 years, and the output of radial radial tires had reached 34% and reached 97.3% in 1989.

Russia (former Soviet Union) began to develop radial tires at the end of 60s. Because of the weak foundation of the original tire industry, and the influence of the national system, the development of the tire has been slow. Until the middle of 80s, hundreds of millions of dollars had been introduced from Western Europe and advanced technology and equipment were introduced, and several radial tire production lines were built, so that the technology of radial tire was developed.

it should be said that it is not too late for our own development of radial tire. At the beginning of 60s, the Great China rubber factory in Shanghai began to develop the full steel wire truck tire. The birch rubber factory began to develop the full wire live tread radial tire, and then developed the full steel radial radial tire. The second rubber factory in Qingdao began to develop the half wire radial tire. In terms of time, the development of the radial tire in China started earlier than that of the United States and Japan, but because of the imperfect technology and low level of equipment at that time, the cause of the radial tire in our country had been hovering for more than 20 years, and the development of the tire was slow. In spite of this, a lot of experience in the development, production and use of radial tires has laid a foundation for the future development of the radial tire in China.

Since the reform and opening up, the state attaches great importance to the development of radial tire. In 1984, the first approval of the birch rubber factory and Liaoning tire factory introduced the two radial tire production lines and key equipment from the Italy Pires company and the British dump Co., respectively. In 1989, the two production lines were put into operation one after another. At the same time, the national “ seven · five ” during the period also approved the Shanghai big China rubber factory, the Qingdao second rubber factory, the Beijing tire factory and so on seven meridian tyres introduction project. “ eight · five ” during the period, the state approved 12 radial tire construction and technical transformation projects such as Shandong tire factory. With the rapid development of the national economy, the radial tire industry in China has developed rapidly, thus speeding up the pace of replacing the bias tire with radial tire in China.

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