Judgment and maintenance of automobile engine idle speed instability

Category:Automobile engine repair - Date:2017-08-30

The idle speed of automobile engine is unstable it directly affects the power and economy of the vehicle, as well as the comfort of passengers, the emission of vehicle pollutants and so on. Therefore, when our vehicle is unstable, how do we identify the cause of its failure and restore its normal work?

First: 1, check the spark plug and cylinder line. Whether the gap of the spark plug is in line with the original technical standard, and whether the resistance value of the cylinder line is also in line with the technical requirements, if it does not meet, it needs to be adjusted or replaced.

2. It is necessary to detect the fuel pressure system. Use fuel pressure gauge and fuel pressure gauge components to connect oil pipes and oil meters. Start the engine and make it enter idle operation. The fuel meter should read in the range of 270-320kpa (2.8-3.3kgf/cm2 40-47psi). If the pressure exceeds the technical specifications, the fuel pressure regulator and fuel filter need to be replaced.

3. Check the jets of each cylinder. The engine will enter the idle operation, disconnect each nozzle plug respectively, check whether the idle speed is changed, if the nozzle of each cylinder is disconnected, the idle speed is basically the same, then the nozzle work is normal. When an injector is opened, the engine idling and its stability are not changed, and the resistance value of the nozzle plug is measured to be 10-13. If the nozzle is not in conformity with the standard, the nozzle is replaced. Of course, the wire between the PGM-FI master and the plug connection point is also required to check the failure of the connection point of the plug and the nozzle between the nozzle and the nozzle.

4, fuel pump and fuel pump circuit inspection. Fuel pump inspection: unscrew the fuel tank cover, the ignition switch in the ON position, at the fuel injection port can hear the oil pump operation sound, in normal working conditions, when the ignition switch at ON, the fuel pump should run for 2 seconds. If the fuel pump doesn't work, first check whether the oil pump is burned. Check whether PGM-FI main relay is connected with plug terminals and so on.

5. Secondly, the compression pressure of the cylinder, the clearance of the intake and exhaust door, the control of the electromagnetic valve, the working condition of the EGR valve cylinder, the air leakage of the intake manifold and so on.

There are many reasons for the unstable work of the engine. Therefore, in the actual work, we should analyze it according to the specific conditions to find out the cause of the failure and the method of solving the problem.

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